Top 9 AgencyAnalytics Alternatives in 2023 [Detailed Comparison] (2023)

We recently reviewed some of the best Agency Analytics alternatives, including Datapad, MatricsWatch, Swydo, Report Garden, OWOX, Singular, Reportz, Whatsgraph, and Oviond.

In this article, we discuss all these free and paid alternatives, the best ones to use, and the most important features.

We also discuss how these platforms can help you build impressive dashboards, dig deeper into data, and contribute to better decision making by providing actionable insights that are even better than agency analytics.

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3 Reasons Why You Might Need An Agency Analytics Alternative?

#1. bad automated reports

An essential part of any marketing reporting tool is a user-friendly interface. However, Agency Analytics does not provide this.

We found revisions to the reporting interface to be limited, clunky, and difficult to edit.

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In addition to a steep learning curve due to its poor user interface, Agency Analytics also doesn't offer reports that are less than user-friendly, which means the looks and feel of the reports are unappealing.

And you can't do anything to improve it due to limited customization options.

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Also, you cannot present information in a live report. We believe that even if you add information to a report template, you won't be able to see the live data in the report.

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#two. unfavorable prices

Agency Analytics is all about a campaign-based pricing model.

For example, the Starter plan, which is best for freelancers, costs $10/month/customer campaign. The mentioned price is available with a minimum purchase of 5 customer campaigns.

While the agency plan costs $15/month/customer campaign with a minimum purchase of 10 customer campaigns.

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In general, the price is not as competitive as we expected. Pricing per customer can burn your pocket if you're looking to scale from 1 to 100 customers.

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#3. Lack of customization options.

Another reason to go for Agency Analytics alternatives is the lack of white label options.

The platform comes with a single white label logo option, which many customers did not expect.

More often than not, customizing your marketing reports and dashboards can be too much for your clients. But unfortunately, Agency Analytics is not living up to expectations.

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Now that you know why you need an agency review alternative, it's time to explore your options.

9 Agency Review Alternatives You Should Try This Year block

Datapad is a mobile-focused dashboard and analytics software that allows you to track all your trading activities through a mobile app (iOS and Android).

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No matter where you are or where you want to go, with Datapad you get instant access to all the important KPIs with just one click. Also, our app is highly mobile responsive i.e. H. Compatible with all known mobile screen sizes. Also, of course, there are no delays.

In addition to all these features, Datapad is packed with many intuitive features.


#1. work in groups

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Well, unless you're being bossy, you always want your team to be in sync with their work.

However, with most software products this is difficult due to the web-based application designed just for your PC or the stress of repeatedly logging in.

With Datapad, onboarding and tasking your team takes minutes. You can also assign individual boards to members or invite them to a collaborative board - the choice is yours!

You and your team can even comment on specific KPIs for instant communication.

Suppose you noticed something unusual on one of the KPI dashboards. You can easily annotate the KPI dashboard and send real-time notifications to your team.

The appropriate person can edit your suggestion and reply below it to keep the communication going.

With Datapad's team collaboration feature, you can:

  • Receive notifications about changes in your KPIs
  • Communicate with your teammates about all KPIs using the comments section
  • Receive automatic notifications about changes and modifications made to KPI dashboards

#two. Easily import and export data

With Datapad, data transfer is done with just a few clicks. Our platform has automatic and manual data import capabilities.

If you want to import data automatically, our robust APIs and integration can do it all for you.

This is how you can import data automatically.

tap on'+'Gonna"Use a data source"and select the desired integration.

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You can also manually import data by pressing'Enter manually'and fill in the field like name, variables, target etc.

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With Datapad's data import features, you can:

  • Automatically connect to your data source with one-click integrations
  • Enter the data manually andTrack KPIon the way
  • Keep all your metrics and KPIs in one hub

#3. Mobile Device Compatibility

Datapad is amazingly configured to work perfectly on mobile devices. The dedicated mobile app helps you keep track of all your KPIs from anywhere in the world.

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Basically, datapadscell phone panelThe app helps you in three important ways:

  • Make quick decisions in time-critical situations
  • Manage and collaborate with teams on the go
  • Monitor the performance of your employees and your business activities at any time


Datapad is in beta and is a free to use platform. If you want to be part of this unique beta phase, fill out the form andget on the waiting list.

Observation:We are currently doing a 1:1 integration and setting everything up for you if you want. you can include„1-1-Integration“on the request form to let us know and we'll take care of it from there.

#two. MetricsSee

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MetricsWatch is a great reporting platform that saves you and your clients hours with automated marketing reports.

The platform is used by companies like Spotify, FreshWorks, Greyhound, and more, making it a trusted agency analytics alternative.

For whom is this?

MetricsWatch is best for marketing agencies and startups for analytics, advertising, and SEO reporting.


  • Has a vast library of pre-built report templates to choose from, easy to customize with drag and drop builder
  • Allows you to mark reports with your company logo, color palette and name (white label)
  • Offers seamless integration with popular platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads and more
  • Easily share customer testimonials directly via email; Automate email reports by scheduling reports for returning customers
  • It has an advanced filtering option to break down data by hidden information or segment metrics based on business needs.


MetricsWatch offers a 14-day risk-free trial period. Additionally, it has a simple pricing model with three pricing plans:

  • Beginner:$29/mes
  • Profile:$50/mes
  • Prima:$100/month (for 25 reports)

Observation:MetricsWatch also has a business plan, you can contact the sales representative for the best offer.

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#3. suck it

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Swydo is budgeting software that helps marketers create customizable multi-purpose dashboards and reports to monitor business performance. It allows marketers to easily create campaign reports and dashboards.

For whom is this?

Swydo is budgeting software that helps marketers create customizable cross-functional reports and dashboards to monitor business performance. It allows marketers to easily create campaign performance reports and dashboards.


  • Quickly create fully customizable reports with pre-built dashboard templates; Efficiently switch multiple reports automatically when making changes to the master template
  • Seamless integrations with 30+ data points to extract data and combine multiple KPIs to create custom metrics for your dashboards
  • Get a panoramic view of customer activity with centralized management
  • Easily share reports via PDF, smart links or social media and ensure reports are delivered to clients with 99%+ deliverability and automatic resubmission on failed attempts
  • It has built-in editable and automatic translation, allowing you to generate reports in 14 different languages


Swydo has a free trial period of 14 days. After that, you'll need to pay per data source, starting with 10 data sources, at $39/mo. Upgrade to 2,000 data sources for $3,359/month.

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#4. reportgarden

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ReportGarden is a cloud-based marketing reporting tool that helps businesses collect data in one platform and create highly customizable performance reports in minutes.

The platform allows companies to create live dashboards with real-time views and analytics that customers can easily access anytime, anywhere.

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For whom is this?

ReportGarden is best suited for small and large online advertising agencies and internal marketing teams to create impressive performance reports, manage clients, and track SEO rankings on the go.


  • It features flexible drag-and-drop metrics that allow you to create custom analytics dashboards with key KPIs
  • Quickly create beautiful dashboards and stunning visualizations of your metrics with tons of pre-built visualization widgets
  • It provides a robust framework for identifying conversion tracking paths and interaction tracking across multiple touchpoints and channels.
  • Automate your monthly reports by scheduling report generation and emailing them directly to your customers.
  • 50+ pre-built integrations for popular data sources and platforms for seamless data transfer to ReportGarden's unified dashboard


ReportGarden offers a 14-day free trial (no credit card required). In addition, there are four premium plans, namely:

  • Basic:$89/mes
  • Standard:$149/mes
  • Specialist:$299/mes
  • Agency:$649/mes

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#5. OWOX

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Owox is an award-winning marketing and dashboard software company specializing in no-code web analytics and BI products.

Its products eliminate long hours and help companies consolidate, process, analyze and extract meaningful insights from raw data.

For whom is this?

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, OWOX helps streamline data management and reporting processes.


  • Automatically collect data from 135+ marketing sources like Google BigQuery, Facebook, and moreanalyze dataquality and avoid data silos or errors
  • Automatically combine sessions and set up unified dashboards for better analysis of marketing data
  • Easily create custom reports by combining and visualizing data across all channelsGoogle data studyo Google spreadsheets in minutes
  • Extend the validity of your cookie to 2 years with OWOX's own data collection


OWOX offers a free plan forever that comes with a data feed. In addition to the free version, pricing plans are based on the number of data sources you choose to use. It is going well:

  • Marketing data plan:Starting at $55/month
  • Reports and Assignment Plan:Starting at $970/month

OWOX also has an enterprise class plan designed for data-intensive businesses. You can contact your OWOX sales representative to request a quote.

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#6. Singular

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Singular is the industry leading attribution and performance analytics software. Help businesses with timely, accurate, and cross-platform analytics in a unified marketing dashboard.

Singular offers a new perspective on ROI with a combination of attribution and next-generation analytics. In addition, it has the best fraud prevention service in the industry.

For whom is this?

Singular is best suited for small to medium marketing teams and individual sellers.


  • Get access to detailed analytics and accurate ROI with 8 levels of data filtering to maximize performance and results
  • Create stunning visualizations of your ad creations and performance; Use its advanced proprietary image recognition technology to automatically group creatives
  • Customize your analytics views with the dimensions, metrics, and events that matter to your business
  • Features a robust fraud prevention suit to ensure maximum protection against existing or future threats
  • Reliable customer support with a dedicated QA team and on-demand integrations


Singular offers a 30-day free trial period. Also, there are three premium plans Standard, Premium and Enterprise. However, there are no prices listed on the official website. You can start your demo and request a quote from your sales representative in the meantime.

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#7. Message

Top 9 AgencyAnalytics Alternatives in 2023 [Detailed Comparison] (23)

Reportz is a highly intuitive reporting platform that allows businesses to track real-time data from multiple marketing channels and reports in a centralized dashboard.

It is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create amazing reports in less than three minutes.

For whom is this?

Reportz is an enterprise-class dashboard platform best suited for medium-sized businesses with 20-50 employees.


  • Get access to unlimited widgets and combine them to create comprehensive reports that focus on all key metrics first
  • It has an extensive library of highly customizable pre-made templates to choose from
  • Use a combination of various KPIs to create custom metrics and formulas to deepen your analysis
  • It comes with a simple and intuitive design that attracts a lower learning curve and easy data visualization.
  • Receive real-time data updates and tracking with automatic data synchronization and constant monitoring


Reportz offers a 15-day free trial of its platform. There are also three paid plans:

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  • Tutor:$49.50/mes
  • Agency:$192/mes
  • Company:$602/mes

Observation:You can get custom pricing based on the number of panels you need.

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#8. whatagraph

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Whatagraph is a powerful marketing analytics visualization and automation platform that makes it effortless to collect, visualize, and analyze marketing data.

The platform helps businesses set KPIs for each marketing channel, track spend, and monitor business performance with ease.

For whom is this?

Whatagraph is best suited for marketing agencies and internal marketing teams. It allows them to create impressive business reports in minutes.


  • Allows you to merge data from multiple data points and present an overview of overall performance in a unified dashboard
  • Schedule automated reports for customers via email or smart links; Double check your reports in review mode before submitting
  • Easily import data from 40+ integrations, including Google Spreadsheets and public API integrations
  • Change colors, add logos, and use custom domains to create custom reports, customizing them for your brand
  • It has tons of highly customizable pre-built templates to help you quickly create marketing performance reports from scratch.


Whatagraph has a custom pricing policy. It offers three premium plans; Each includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Specialist:$199/mes
  • Prima:$299/mes

Whatsgraph also offers business plans. It does have custom pricing though, so you'll need to contact your sales rep for a quote.

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#9. oven

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Oviond is cross-channel reporting software that makes it easy for organizations to visualize, simplify, and automate business performance reporting.

The platform allows you to easily monitor and improve digital marketing performance with an impressive dashboard for your teams and clients.

For whom is this?

Oviond is best suited for agencies and digital marketers who have difficulty managing and analyzing their company's digital marketing performance.


  • 120+ digital marketing dashboards and report templates to migrate any existing dashboard to your platform for free
  • Features an intuitive drag and drop dashboard builder for easy customization
  • Built-in white labeling to customize your dashboard for your clients and share them from a custom domain of your choice
  • Quickly share dashboards and reports with clients via share link, PDFs, or email


Ovid comes with a 15-day free trial period. In addition, it has four paid plans:

  • Small Agency:$99/mes
  • Ordinary Branch:199/mes
  • Big agency:399/mes
  • Company:Contact the sales team

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Do you keep all your KPIs in your pocket?

Obviously, the above software is the best Agency Analytics alternative you can find.

Among them, Datapad is undoubtedly a standalone KPI dashboard software that dominates the market with its flawless mobile optimization to power any analytics and dashboard journey.

Datapad is still free for first time users, you can get the app fromHere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 What is agency analysis?

Agency Analytics is enterprise-class no-code reporting software that enables organizations to capture, monitor, and analyze key business KPIs with easy-to-understand dashboards and reports.

Over 5,500 agencies, including Bonfire, Edge, Clix and more, trust Agency Analytics for their dashboards and reporting needs.

Q2. Is Agency Analytics free?

No, Agency Analytics offers a 14-day free trial. However, after the trial period ends, you will be prompted to switch to one of the paid plans:

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  • Autonomous worker:$10/month/customer
  • Agency:$15/month/customer

Q3 What other tools can you use to create dashboards?

  • data block:Track key metrics on mobile
  • date box:Collect and analyze data in a unified report
  • geckoboard:Track, monitor and broadcast KPIs for meetings and conferences
  • DashThis:Ideal for advertising and marketing agencies, as well as freelancers engaged in marketing activities.
  • per braid:Gamify analytical performance and team management process
  • Metabase:BI tool for everyone on your team
  • PowerBI:The most powerful tool for data analysis.

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