Top 10 songs about the moon (2023)

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Top 10 songs about the moon (1)

Although the moon is the closest celestial object to earth, it remains a mystery. And as evidenced by the many ongoing missions to send humans to the lunar surface, it's no surprise that the moon brings out the best in human creativity.

Just ask some of the most talented artists and songwriters who have used the moon to write inspirational lyrics. If you are looking for songs about the moon, this list will enlighten you.

10 songs with the moon

  1. Creedence Clearwater Revival – „Bad Moon Rising“
  2. Billie Holiday - "Luna Azul"
  3. Ariana Grande - "Moonlight"
  4. King Harvest - "Dance in the Moonlight"
  5. Bruno Mars - In Conversation with the Moon"
  6. Cat Stevens – „Treasures of the Mondes“
  7. Elton John - "Rocket Man"
  8. Frank Sinatra - "Raise Me to Lua"
  9. Pink Floyd – "Eclipse"
  10. David Bowie - "Space Madness"

1. Creedence Clearwater Revival – „Bad Moon Rising“


In the rock genre, it's not every day you hear a song about the moon, but here's one for you. John Fogerty says the lyrics were inspired by a film in which a hurricane destroys an entire city. "There's a bad moon going" is a metaphor for an approaching apocalypse. It's a pretty obscure way of referring to the moon, but it's still a catchy song.

I hear hurricanes blowing

I know the end will come soon.

I fear the rivers are overflowing

I hear the voice of anger and doom

2. Billie Holiday – „Luna azul“


We all know the expression "Once in a Blue Moon". This song tells the story of how the singer was waiting for the person he really loves and suddenly that person appears right in front of him.

Blue Moon

You saw me standing alone

without a dream in my heart

without self love

3. Ariana Grande - "Moonlight"


Rumor has it that Ariana's ex-boyfriend called her "Moonlight" after their first kiss, and she used that as inspiration to correct the lyrics of the song. Ariana seems to appreciate their love and compares being together to having moonlight in their hands.

'Cause I never knew, I never knew

Could you hold the moonlight in your hands?

Until the night I held you

you are my moonlight

4. King Harvest - "Dance in the Moonlight"

Genre:skirt popular

This song describes an ideal place where people can find peace and just dance under the moonlit sky. Happy lyrics and catchy melodies make this one of the most popular songs about the moon.

We get it almost every night

When that moon is big and bright

it is a supernatural joy

Everyone danced in the moonlight

5. Bruno Mars - "Conversation with the Moon"


The lyrics of this song are a bit hard to decipher but I think it's about Bruno Mars who dreams about his soul mate. Alone, he speaks to the moon, wishing that the girl of his dreams would do the same and that fate would bring them together.

I feel for myself

talking to the moon

tries to reach you

I hope you are

On the other hand

talk to me too

6. Cat Stevens – “Mouth Treasures”


Cat Stevens tells a fascinating story about the origins of this song. As a city boy growing up in the West End, he never came to appreciate the beauty of the moon. While going to Spain on holiday he had a chance to see the moon lighting up the night sky and casting a shadow of itself at the water's edge.

Lyrically, "Moon Shadow" refers to the present moment, and Stevens urges us to deal with what lies ahead, rather than worrying about the past or comparing our situation to other people's lives.

I'm being followed by a shadow of the moon

Jump and jump in the shadow of the moon

7. Elton John - "Rocket Man"


While it's easy to infer from the song's title that it's inspired by space exploration, it actually has a weird story behind it. Bernie Taupin says he was inspired to write his own version of "Rocket Man" after hearing the lyrics to a song of the same name.

The theory goes that the song tells the story of how rock stars tend to feel isolated from their friends and family because of their endless work commitments.

I'm a rocket man

Rocketman blows his fuse alone here

8. Frank Sinatra - "Raise Me to Lua"


Undoubtedly one of Sinatra's most popular songs, "Fly Me to the Moon" tells the story of a deep and passionate love. Sinatra uses this metaphor to describe the euphoric feeling of being in love. And that's exactly what makes music approachable.

Surely anyone who has ever been in love knows that it's like flying to the moon, a feeling like no other.

take me to the moon

let me play between the stars

9. Pink Floyd – "Eclipse"

Genre:Progressive Rock

This song about the moon has perhaps one of the most memorable lines: "Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is outshined by the moon". It represents the way people live their lives knowing that death will eventually end it all.

While the thought of one's own death can positively influence one's actions, it can reach a point where one questions the very meaning of existence.

And everything under the sun is in harmony

But the sun is eclipsed by the moon

10. David Bowie - "Space Oddity"

Genre:skirt popular

This is a song about seeing things from afar, recognizing the many problems in the world and not being able to do anything about it. David Bowie sings like he's on the moon as he watches the earth crumble.

People focus on mundane things like the brand of clothing they wear, rather than looking at the big picture.

Here I am floating around my can

high above the moon

Planet earth is blue

And I can't do anything

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