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Career Recaps for March 17, 2023

Edison Hatter's Career Report



1VOLKS MASTERHe couldn't do much the last time he had a few weeks off and he's not showing much in his recent form in New York, where he burned through some cash. Return to a track where you've been successful in the past.
2GREAT CHIEF OF STATEHe's coming in after a tough spell over the past three, including the most recent timeout on his first New Connections start. He was batted less than two lengths and four off the complainers when last seen of an inside post.
3Tapferer IVYHe hasn't shown much lately, but he's had to fill a lot of outside positions for Monticello lately. He scored 1:50.4 at Dover last season and had four wins. It stands out well, but I'll stop by tonight and check it out.
4MACHINE IS GROSSHe ran well in freehold twice, only losing against a bunch of TMs, and was in realistic position the last time before he broke down at the end of the mile. He makes his first start for Brandon Mongiello's barn at this location tonight.
5LOOK AT YOUI picked up some checks for Juan Cano's stable last week before the first start in Canada. He left the race early and was in the lead for a while before coming in a little late. He will try to recover from this place tonight.
6MEET THE CREEPERBig money flowed to him in the last two outside positions. He exploded at No. 9 last week, but was a little rough at the start and got tired towards the end. He draws better and has a good chance of finally winning here.
7MV OK PALAST BRThe last two races haven't worked out for him, but he's been very competitive here at similar venues in this meeting. The price must be right tonight to give him a chance at the top, but he'll need to figure out the journey there.
8Elama NHe handled GSY opponents in his last two miles and failed to go to work both times. He worked early two years ago and was parked for a while last week. You'll be looking for a cleaner ride tonight.
9THE COVERED FACEThere's been support for him lately, and while he's been cashing checks, he hasn't been threatening to win lately. I'm out of the mail tonight, but maybe I'll get a piece here with the right trip.
10CAMLACHI-CHROMRosecroft's form was very solid for him when he started here last week, but he just couldn't transfer that form to the big track. Post 10 is going to be a very tough one in this place tonight. I'm passing by.

Top Candidates: 7-2-5-9

Driver Options: None



1BANGIN' IN THE LIVING ROOMHe's had some big problems in his recent form, but he's managed to stay steady last time here. Girl 0 of 22 draws well, but she would have to take a big step to be in the mix here.
2FRIENDS AGAINShe debuted here last week as a three-year-old and has been pretty consistent, but has done really well at :27.3. She will attempt to climb second on the bench and her second start as a three-year-old.
3BEAUTIFUL LADY OF SPEEDLast minute questions for him when they last saw each other in September and those questions resurfaced in this Q two years ago. He looked better last week and will look to come off the bench here on his three-year-old debut.
4SENAHe had some respectable action at the bottom of the betting last time out on his debut as a four-year-old, but had to settle for fourth after some early work. I will try to be in perfect position at the front for his second start from the bench tonight.
5BE HOLYHe qualified well enough last time out and will be hoping to overcome the game-changing issues that have appeared in two of his last four outings. He's also finding some relief from class in the races he last saw last fall.
6WATER PALETTESHe had breaks in his final two starts at Dover but recovered a solid mile from a tricky post three to finish second in big numbers. However, he didn't achieve much here against four similar defenders.
7THE CRAZY COUNTRYHe won the first and so far only race of his career with flying colors last December. I didn't like the way he ended his two qualifiers before this start, but on paper he definitely looks like one of the better options to consider.
8SANTA MÓNICA ASHe paused against something similar last time in Pocono and didn't get much here. I would have to take a big step forward to be in the mix. Third start tonight off the bench.

Main Contenders: 4-5-8-2

Driver Options: None



1GazooThis stay-at-home son of ROLL WITH JOE made his career debut just a few weeks ago at the age of four. However, he couldn't get into that much. I will stop by and see another one of his on this site.
2THIRD PILLARRecent form has been very sharp for him between the Meadowlands and Pocono. To this point, he's still an 8-0 girl, but he's been second or third in six of those starts. He has every chance of coming back.
3BARRIERHe found the GSY company last time and didn't make much headway due to a difficult parked ride. He returns to a NW2 position where he hasn't made much progress, but is showing a solid three-back lineup.
4METALLMANNHUNTSVILLE's home-raised son has only seen one qualifying last month at the age of three, but he's looked pretty good in the two we've seen so far. He draws well and looks to have good chances in tonight's opener.
5Stefan BullvilleHe beat his peers in August and had some good lines as a two-year-old last season. Trip didn't work out for him after the long break last week, but he'll try to bounce back from this point here.
6prickly frogNot moved in his first four games of the season, but his fifth game last week was a very solid effort at Yonkers after failing against something similar. He has a chance tonight if he adapts well to this great distance.
7BESTONEYET HANNOVERI got into the Meadowlands a solid two miles into Freehold last week, albeit a lot easier. Not much could be done last time around as an unlikely big shot and he looks set to face it again tonight.
8AN OFFER IS AN OFFERHe continued to be checked against these guys and already had one win this far this season. You'll have to work from this station tonight, but I'm sure you can grab something here.

Top Contenders: 4-2-8-5

Rider's Picks: Dexter Dunn 4 of 1, 2



1FULLY ARMEDHe looks to be in a pretty solid class at Hoosier last year and the crowd saw it too when he won 1-9 on his annual debut here in Freehold last week. You must intervene here, but I'll give her a chance.
2ALWAYS A DANCERHe hasn't quite kept up with the kindergarten boys here in the Meadowlands, but he has placed well in the final two to prepare for tonight's start. You can pick up a piece here if you're ready to shoot from the bank.
3MARGOT HANNOVERShe finished second here at the Meadowlands last week, but put in a solid second straight mile early in her season. He started at :26.2 last week and has a strong chance of getting the 0 out of 5 girl tonight.
4VIBRANCIATwo unlikely sizes against kindergarten competition here at the Meadowlands and he couldn't show much. He just got lost when last seen in July and ranked high a few weeks ago. Draw well at this point.
5DO NOT COME BACKHe made his career debut at a similar venue here in the Meadowlands last week but hasn't been able to show much. I would have to find multiple lengths with MARGOT HANOVER to be in the mix here.
6STAY SPECIALSimilar story to WON'T BACK DOWN. He made his career debut at the same race last week but didn't show much after the little trip. He would have to take a big step to compete here tonight.
7HILDA BULLVILLEBig win last time I saw her at Monticello in September, but I don't like her qualifying line at Pocono a few weeks ago. We'll see him hit the big runway tonight in his three-year-old debut.
8ALWAYS ON BUDGETWell, we saw trainer Linda Toscano win with a rookie last week, so you might want to pay attention to that one of the last two rankings. You must arrange a ride from this outpost.
9DEBBIE BULLVILLEI saw some betting guys in New York last year and he was winning well when I last saw him at Monticello in August. Like his stablemate Q wasn't the best a few weeks ago, but we'll see how his season kicks off tonight.

Main Contenders: 1-3-2-8

Driver Picks: David Miller 3v1 | Marcus Miller5 out of 9



1MASTER CONRADThere were some tough races that just didn't work out the way he has lately, but he finished third in the TM series and was beaten less than two lengths and five against like-minded people in a tough race.
2JERRYTONThat line aside from the tough journey two ago, their recent form has been very solid, including two seconds off their peers in their last three outings. Tonight's draw is good again and he should have every chance to be there.
3FEEL AMERICANHis form between Batavia and Monticello has been solid for him lately and he has some good lines here in this encounter. Draws well and will try here despite a record of 2/33 over the past two years.
4A B COLLINSHe had a double win at Monticello which boosted his confidence but hasn't shown much else in his recent form, including five when he was last seen here. I'll come and see this one of his.
5MEETING WITH CRAMERHe's been doing well tonight and was running third when he last saw his teammates here at the Meadowlands a few weeks ago. However, that scratch injury here a few weeks ago is a little worrying. I will go see one.
6NO MAGIC OF BRUCEHe's just down three to some TMs here, but other than that he hasn't shown much in his recent form, including the last time he parked the mile against him. I'll try to get a cleaner ride tonight.
7THEN GET THISHe came back from a long break against something similar last time and just couldn't do much. However, the 14-year-old won eight times last season and will look to bounce back here on this pitch.
8CAPTAIN'S GOVERNMENTThis one finally moved last week but couldn't get the outside creek ride to work. Outpost again tonight, but he has class and might take a walk here.
9CLAYTONS BET NO.He's covered a good few miles in recent attempts against GSY's foes, including the last time he beat him by just a length and a half. However, this post is likely to add a significant challenge to your journey today.
10BILBO HANNOVERHe's taken one win and two seconds against GSY opponents in his last five matches and definitely fits into this group on paper. However, just like CLAYTONS BETTOR N, this post here will be a big challenge for him.

Main Contenders: 3-2-1-8

Driver Options: None



1A NEW LEADERHis recent form has been solid, particularly on defence, as he won the move to tier NW5 here in the Meadowlands. Pulls well tonight and will try to make a trip to be in the mix here.
2THE AMERICAN EAGLECurrent form looks good, but it reveals some major problems in Yonkers. It doesn't seem impossible in this location, but I certainly would have preferred his stablemate to have moved to this location.
3STRENGTHHe has been super strong in all three matches this season so far and has won two in a row. That's a step up in class tonight, but I'll be testing it upstairs as the price is probably right since your stablemate is getting attention here.
4ANGELONIEHe placed well last week from Indiana, where he had a pretty solid class last season. She draws well and seems to have a chance here on paper if she's ready to come off the hiatus.
5FRANK THE ELDERRon Burke's second barn competitor was also very keen on the last outings. He gained a good three quarterbacks and was a solid third against a similar bench of four. Draw it well and it should be here in the mix.
6CORRIDOR ERecent form has been solid for him, including his last start when he took his fourth career win. He's doing well here, but he needs to show the form Philly and Pocono can take to the big track tonight.
7BEST INPINEURSTThe second competitor on this field from Jeff Cullipher's stable. He won well last time at Meadows. He will be looking to take his newfound form to the big ring on his debut at Cullipher's stable tonight.
8taquionHe has six career wins and is a decent class for his form. He's had two straight breaks now, but he should definitely have a chance to be in the mix tonight if he can stay steady and get an exit.
9DREAM BIGBy the age of four, she had already earned nearly $380,000 in just 23 starts. Form wasn't the best when we last saw her last fall, but she ranked well last time. Difficult position to work in the bank.

Top Contenders: 3-8-9-5

Driver Options: None



1UNSTOPPABLE LIVING ROOMShe's not showing much in her recent form, including the last time she returned from her extended hiatus. However, she gets a major class reprieve tonight. She draws well and shows six wins last season.
2trans malignancyShe was third in a decent mile four against the same thought but couldn't do much last time she parked the mile. Will be looking for a better ride tonight in a better post than last time. He won 4 out of 18 in 2022.
3ANOTHER ATTEMPTShe finished second against two similar opponents and gained respect 2-1 last week, but recovered early and was too busy too late. Sign up tonight and you look a little closer to the action here in the morning.
4WILL ALWAYS BE TRUEShe has won three against the toughest in Yonkers, but other than that it doesn't show much in her recent form. It's handling heavier stuff most of the time, though, and the class tag might be the key here.
5CROSSED COCONUTHe's had a few checks in the last two races against like-minded people and he's been improving steadily in his last few miles. It draws well here, but looks like it needs to make some improvements to hold its own here.
6MIDNIGHT ZENOnce again, he came into the Meadowlands last week with solid Freehold form, but it just couldn't get him into the big lane. He was beaten less than two lengths, however, and is doing well again this week.
7TWELVE GISELAHe came here last week with a few gaps between races, but put in a solid second mile straight as he finished against a similar third last week. Tonight you have another chance to snag a piece at a bargain price.
8PERFECT QUEENHe has a second and a third on his last two attempts against his Meadowlands colleagues and was big prize both times. Off the post tonight, but I'll try to gather another solid mile from here.
9ROSE FREUDHe couldn't do much against the TM foes over the last four miles at Batavia after winning his first two starts of the season. He will have to prove himself in the long distance tonight and in this outside position.
10JUWEL SKIERSHe's been showing victory for four starts at Northfield and has excuses for his two attempts at that track with a break two behind and last week's difficult race. Post 10 will be quite a challenge tonight if you're looking for a better ride.

Main Contenders: 4-2-7-8

Driver Options: None



1JARAHe couldn't get much out of Yonkers in the first leg of this series, but he bounced back well to win the second leg last week. He tied right here for tonight's final and is 4-6 in 2023.
2GOLDEN CROSS STONEShe finished second in the first leg of this series and then rested favorite last week. He's been tying well and will look to fight back in the final tonight as he goes for the No. 1 win of 2023.
3EAT MAGIC THIS AFTERNOONHe was fourth on the first stage a few weeks ago and had to settle for sixth place in a tough job at rank 9 last week. He pulls better for tonight's final, but it looks like he needs to improve a lot to keep up.
4BET ON BLUEHe managed to get up in time to win on Stage 1 and was chased at the back of the front when he finished third last week. He's been doing well tonight and looks to be a top contender on this final night.
5YES NO I WHOHe worked hard for the first two laps and the race didn't work out, but he recovered well and was second behind last week's pace. He draws perfectly tonight and looks to have a big chance with an out tonight.
6PATRICIO SCIROCCOHe beat similar TM opponents two behind and finished third in the first leg of the series. He scratched it last week and will try to make a trip tonight to be in the mix. The price should be right if you like it.
7crazy idiotWell, I like that he achieved a little less last week, but he kept going and won it all 40-1 at halftime with a career best mile! It was a strong result and a repeat of that effort would put him in the mix here.
8NORDBLITZERHe struggled with the team on the first stage but fought back for a good mile last week as he finished fourth. However, you have an external position to fill starting tonight, and you need to reinforce that position.
9LINDY'S BOOZE CRUZHe only lost two weeks in the first leg to BET BIG ON BLUE, but couldn't do much in last week's game. He is in a difficult position to work from here in the final and looks against it.
10SOFT DEEPHe took money three and four here in the Meadowlands, but the rides just didn't work. His last two miles showed a lot more and he has a big chance here on paper, but it's 10th.

Main Contenders: 2-7-4-5

Rider's Pick: David Miller 4 of 6 | Troy Beyer 10 out of 8



1KAITLYNShe has been very consistent overall at this level and below, but the last two didn't work out because she took a break and parked a mile away. He will try to come back from this place tonight.
2American Delights NShe is unknown in this field. She has shown decent form since New York, including a two-back win. She has eight wins in the last two seasons and will be looking to repeat that form here.
3LADY OF ALTO NHe had five wins last season and was 1:50.3 on the track last year. He'll certainly be up soon, but he looked like he needed the last mile off the bench and it could be very difficult in that case.
4CORSINI AShe has been tough in the last two and has come at a heavy price in both matches. However, she checked both starts and was beaten just two lengths. Draw well and you'll try to build those miles.
5BOX ROLLHe had a win and a second in the last few matches against slightly easier company, but couldn't do much against a similar 9-post last time out. However, he draws better tonight and looks closer at the start of this game.
6LADY ROCKNROLLA AHe has been in very consistent form at this track since arriving from Maine last December. He jumped well into that level last week when he was third and will try to keep rolling here.
7GAL WALKHe won well on his first start here in January and has been slowly gaining ground in the last few attempts since. She failed against something similar last week and will be looking to put in her last kilometers here.
8SHEZAFREAKLIKEMEReally tough pitch for his last outing at rank 10 against him. He beat three halfbacks against easier halfbacks and finished third against four similar halfbacks. He has the ability to kick hard and catch a piece.
9THE FANTASTIC NUNS N.She has an impressive backstroke class and has won two at Saratoga and Batavia in her last five Opens. He has won seven times in 2022 and will look to take his form to the big stretch tonight, but has posted 9.
10A BETTER GAMELast time, she won well in a much-needed class jump. However, he is now jumping in class and has to work his way up from 10th place, he should have some confidence from last week but it is going to be a really tough time.

Main Contenders: 6-1-9-8

Driver Options: None



1NO DRAMA PLEASEI enjoyed him off the bench last week and managed to ride a solid mile to finish second behind a very talented HARRY KNOWS IR. Go a step deeper in class tonight and draw well. You have a great opportunity here.
2HALL OF PRINCE DEBSHis qualifying last week went well as he prepares to return after a long break. There's a solid class from those New York Stakes events from last season and he could be in the mix here if he's ready to come off the bench.
3ALL YOU NEEDHis first win of 2023 came in the class decline last time out, but now he needs to get back to a level he failed to show in the two and three packs. It also shows two breaks in the last five attempts.
4To floatHe came back from a break three races ago and was back in the winners' circle last time out, although that was against two levels of company easier than them. He moves well, but he has to take a big step forward tonight.
5HAMHe rallied two for a tie against as on a 42-1 big number from post 10. He tied the post 10 against harder last time out, but is getting class and relief at the post now. I will try to take a trip from here.
6NEXTROUNDSONMEDidn't do much against like-minded opponents last time out on his debut from the bench. He's in a very similar position tonight and should make a big step up here, second off the bench.
7FIX ITForm was good as he climbed the class ladder minus the break three matches ago, but he didn't do much against his peers last time out. He will try to recover in this place tonight.
8TRAVEL REQUESTHe's had some checks in the last few starts and looks to have a decent rear class last year with six wins and seven seconds. You lose a class here, but you need to travel from this post.
9DELICIOUS STONE DKHe's had plenty of support in his two North American outings so far, but hasn't been able to get much off the ground. He arrives at the big track tonight after qualifying here a month ago, but is 9th.
10STRONG BITELast time he worked a bit early but fought well and finished second behind a much better favorite winner. It definitely fits this one on paper, but you have to take a trip from this tricky post.

Main Contenders: 1-8-9-2

Driver Options: None



1SPECIAL OLIVESShe hasn't been seen since December, but last seen she was in pretty solid form against tougher guys in Saratoga. Q was doing well a few weeks ago and looks ready to fire her first start from the bench.
2SMART SKATEShe took money and got a few moves against similar guys in recent matches, but she didn't come close to winning. However, she has been first in the last two races and will be looking for a teammate here.
3SHELLIE DA VIDAShe doesn't show much in her recent form, but this is a big loss in class compared to the complainers she faced in Yonkers. She does well here and is back on a track where she has had success in the past.
4ENGLISH ROSE NoI just lost two for a similar price and got it back with a good mile last week where it closed ground in the second half of the mile to make a check. He will try to keep pace in this case.
5I LOVE MY SHADOWHe has had support in similar matches, including two out of 10. However, he hasn't shown much in those matches and has had two scratches from illness recently. I pass here.
6MALA MS JOHNSONShe finished third against three like she did here at the Meadowlands and got a nice confidence boost with her second win at Pocono. Tough last time, but gets class relief and a draw.
7BET B SAYSHe worked hard at the start of the mile last time and didn't show much at the end. Not much in recent form, but she's coming down the stairs here tonight, which should help.
8SMALL HONEY TISSUEJust lost a big number five here at the Meadowlands and has been under severest attack ever since. The class relay and return to the big track should help tonight, but you've got to pedal from that stand.
9DEAL OF THE NIGHTShe couldn't close the Yonkers deal last week, but missing classes certainly helped. He misses another class tonight and looks like he has a big chance here if he can make the trip.
10THERE'S NO PLACE TO HIDEShe beat these guys in the last few tries and has only won against like-minded people four races ago. However, this station 10 task tonight will make her task in this location much more difficult.

Main Contenders: 3-9-1-2

Pilot Picks: David Miller 5 out of 8



1FORALast July, she finished second in her only start last season as a two-year-old and looked good in qualifying last week as she built up for that start. I'll stop and watch one of her from the bench here.
2ROADS ON FIREHe even tried two on his career debut, but managed to make a good jump last time and finished second. The loner does well tonight and will try to build the last mile in this spot.
3PRINCESA CAITLYNShe's still a 0-for-11 girl, but so far she's looked good in her three-year-old limited matches, minus the two-back break. She draws well here and should have every chance to be in the mix tonight.
4UNCONDITIONAL DEBTHe closed the pace well and finished third against his peers last time out after breaking two backs. A repeat of his last mile will certainly put him in the mix here, but I'll drop by and look elsewhere tonight.
5KILL SO SAFEHe's been getting the checks lately and ran very well last week to finish fourth, beating VIOLENCE and HEADOVERBOOTS AS by just one and a half lengths. Draw well tonight and you'll try to be in the mix.
6PURE FAITHHe went 2-4 as a two-year-old last year and had a good freshman season. He came back well a few weeks ago, similarly batting favorite. She will try to continue coming off the bench in second place here.
7FLYHAWK THE STRONGIncredibly big shot in the last two off the bench in this TM series and there wasn't much he could do. He'll make his third start off the bench tonight, but it looks like he's going to have to take a big step to compete here.
8STRONGER WITH LINDYIn his first match after a break of several months, he took a break from the start last week against his peers. He just doesn't have enough in his current form for me to defend him here.
9HEADS LIKEHe only lost against VIOLENCE last week, but overall his form has been pretty good lately. He's cleared several outposts in recent attempts and will attempt to complete a trip from another one tonight.

Main Contenders: 6-9-2-3

Driver Options: David Miller 1 of 3, 5 | Yannick Gingras 6 out of 7



1LAUNCH BULLETINThe last two miles since he hit the Pocono haven't been too bad and it looks like he might get a chunk out of here if he takes the big route tonight. He has been winless in 14 limited appearances over the past two seasons.
2SHANGHAI BOBBYNot much speaks for him in his recent form, but he has had a very rough ride in his last two games against his own kind here at the Meadowlands. Draw well tonight and you will aim for a better journey. As of 2022, he has won five times.
3Ferdinand AHe won four matches against like-minded people in an 8-1 thrill, but just couldn't repeat that mile in his last three attempts against like-minded people. He would have to compete at this venue tonight to compete.
4SOMIKIRecent form doesn't show much but the last mile was sneaky enough as he completed five lengths and passed several rivals in the second half of the mile. He draws well and has five wins in just 20 starts over the past two years.
5KNOX A RAPOSAI gained some confidence from that mile three here at the Meadowlands in the class drop and backed it up with a solid second place last week in big numbers against the GSY haters. Draw well at this point.
6ONLY TUFF SURVIVESHe worked hard at the start to get ahead last time out of the claim, then wasn't able to offer much in the second half of the mile. He should have every chance to bounce back with a better run here tonight.
7SHARKNADOGreat long shot against a similar last time on Monticello's boat and it couldn't show much in that mile. It's hard to build a very strong case for him here with his recent form.
8dog fightShot very similar to SHARKNADO. He didn't show much form when he was sent to the Meadowlands two games ago and he hasn't been able to show much in the last two years. On the other hand here again.
9HOW TO STOP A DRAGONLast time he went early against like-minded people and had to settle for fifth place at the finish but was beaten by just one and a half lengths. Outside post tonight, but you should give it a shot if you can organize a trip.
10TO BRUSHHe beat tougher men at the Meadows four matches ago, but hasn't shown much in his recent form. He makes his first start at Izzy Estrada's stable tonight, but he's got his work cut out for him.

Main Contenders: 6-10-1-2

Pilot Picks: David Miller 10 out of 5



1LuisHe's been knocking sometimes on this level, if he can stay tonight when he moves into Edwin Quevedo's stable. He's quirky and it might be worth watching him warm up before making a final decision on him.
2IN SECRETHe hasn't had much success in his last few matches, including the last three here at the Meadowlands which have all been similar. It's hard to make a very strong case for him here, given his recent form.
3CRAZY FOR CJIt shows some good miles three and five against the same. He pulls better than the last two, but last time he snuck in really well to gain a lot of ground in the second half of that mile. I will use it this time.
4HOROSCOPEHe's not showing much in recent form, but he's managed to stay steady over the last two after recent troubles and has had a significant drop in class tonight. He moves well and can fight well here.
5VERIFIEDHe's knocking on the door against these guys, but he's not back in the winner's circle yet. Big mile from him in the last week of hard riding and hopefully tonight is finally the night for him.
6WOW LESTERAnother one that has been knocking on the door against these guys in the last few matches. I didn't do much last time and I'll try to catch up in this place tonight.
7USURP HANNOVERTwo equal attempts from him in the last two here in the Meadowlands since he came from Saratoga, but he managed to pick up a few checks. Hardest post tonight as you try to keep going.
8SER FINCHLast time here at the Meadowlands he closed seven lengths in the second half mile against his peers and finished third in the class drop. Realistically tonight, but he's had almost a month off since he last started.
9HUGE THINGSeveral hard posts and breaks are derailing his current form, but overall he still hasn't shown much lately. However, he has a solid line five and has a class drop here tonight.
10GARDENER ASSEMBLERSHe's had a lot of breaks lately and hasn't been showing much in Freehold lately. It's hard to make a strong case here, but he's had great success at Cal Expo and the Red Mile.

Main Contenders: 5-1-4-3

Rider Picks: Marcus Miller 3 out of 9, 10

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