Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (2023)

Have you ever wondered whatsurveillance 2Are the latest dates for your favorite heroes? We've listed them all and ranked them from least to most terrifying.

ultimate abilitysurveillance 2It's the ultimate way to control a game and turn the tables in your favor. Some are powerful attacking skills while others are support skills for your team.

Knowing how and when to respond to an enemy's ultimate summon is key to staying out of the line of fire and staying alive. We classify everyoneAt sightUltimate 2 character voice line, from least to most terrifying, to let you know how urgent you need to be to react... and what's the best thing to do in that situation.

We'll continue to update this list as Blizzard adds a few more characters to duplicate. In the meantime, pay attention to these quotes as you play and learn how best to react.

Closing quotes from Overwatch 2

|Simetra|scrap queen|Zenyatta|Lucio|GUT|It is there|Sombra|compassion|Mei|It's dawning|Idol|Reinhardt|Moira|Torbjörn|widow|brigitte|Textmarker|Batista|Genji|Hanzo|street pig|Winston|wrecking ball|Doomfist|McCree/Cassidy|As he|Soldier: 76|Sensenmann|pharaoh|Garbage|Bastion|Sigma|Of the|ecologically|Ramatra

36. "Reality bends to my will"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (1)


Poor old Symmetra. Initially one of the least played heroes in the game, and even after a big change in the last year, he's still not in the meta.

Still, it's a lot more fun to play against them and against them, against their besthe cancan be useful, but only if placed perfectly and used similarly to Zenyatta to counter an extremely powerful opponent.

35. "Time to calculate! / Let’s take them to the desert!”

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (2)

scrap queen

emAt sight, Junker Queen's Ultimate might have been scarier, but insurveillance 2it doesn't have the same level of fear.

34. "Passport to Iris"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (3)


Zenyatta's Ultimate makes him invincible for a short time while significantly healing his teammates around him. It won't do any damage, so there's no urgent need to run away, but it does make gunfights with enemies more difficult due to the temporary health boost.

Make sure to keep moving and avoid direct attacks on enemies with a health boost, and once Zenyatta's finish is over, attack!

33. "Let's drop the beat! / Oh, let's break this!

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (4)


As with Zenyatta, Lucio's ult gives teammates a temporary health and shield boost. The difference here though is that the shield boost is significant, much higher than what Zenyatta offers, so keep a good distance.

The shield decreases once Ultimate ends, but getting into a firefight with enemies using the boost is pointless. Stay away but not too far.

32. "Warīhum quwitak!" / Show them your power!”

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (5)


Ana is a particularly useful ally due to her ability to maximize damage output. However, whenever you hear it as an enemy, it's time to notice other enemies around you. A nearby Soldier, Hanzo, Genji, or Reaper will likely benefit more due to their mobility, while a Bastion can also become increasingly devastating.

31. "¡Deixe o Kitsune guiá-lo! / ¡Kitsune no kagidzume o tokihanate!"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (6)

It is there

(Video) Overwatch 2 All Hero Select Voice Lines Overwatch 1 Comparisons

Kiriko se junta aosurveillance 2Hero lineup with lots of fanfare that fits perfectly into the Season 1 meta as a new support hero. It went down incredibly wellAt sightCommunity, both for professional players and for beginners. His ultimate is a fantastic support mechanic, allowing for either an offensive or defensive attack that gives players a healing and attack boost. Hearing this isn't as scary as other ultimates, but a friendly phrase from Kiriki could help lead your team to victory.

30. "Turn off the light"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (7)


Shadow discharges electromagnetic energy in a large radius, destroying enemy barriers and shields and hacking into any enemies caught in the blast. It's not scary, although it can certainly spell the end of the game if the enemy attacks (or defends) and suddenly all your skills stop working. Imagine standing on the last line of defense with seconds left and barely able to do anything! Approximately, of course, although I don't think soThefrightening.

29. "Heroes Never Die"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (8)


poor mercy Once one of the most popular and useful heroes in the game, he's been nerfed to Gibraltar and back, with more changes on the way.

The current ultimate increases most of their primary abilities, but makes them progressively more vulnerable and therefore not as useful or feared.

28. "Freeze! Don't move!" (Freeze! Don't move!)

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (9)


Mei's Ultimate is annoying but useful for teams that focus all their fire on frozen enemies. When you see her drop her spinning red ball, run out of the area as fast as you can so you don't get caught in the freezing process.

27. "Ogon po gotovnosti" / "Fire at Will" (Art)

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (10)

It's dawning

Zarya's Ultimate is something of a support ability, sucking in all nearby enemies and merging them to make them an easy target for her teammates. It's a powerful ability, but one that's easy to avoid and often used under the wrong circumstances, and often when teammates are unwilling to take advantage of it.

26. "End Your Resistance"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (11)


Orisa agreesAt sightRoster with a wide range of skills that really diversify the tank class. His ultimate Supercharged deploys a device that increases damage dealt to allies.

The danger here is when the opponent has a lot of tanks or powerful offensive heroes. Fused into the Soldier's Visor, a Torbjorn, or a Fortress, this ultimate can wreak absolute havoc on the opposition.

25. "Hit the hammer!"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (12)


Reinhardt's Ultimate is more annoying than anything else. It stuns your character for a few seconds and leaves you incredibly vulnerable, but it still takes a few hits of your hammer to kill you when you're at full health. It's basically impossible to avoid once you hear it, but as long as you have teammates around you should be able to survive its attack after being stunned.

Just make sure to get up and run once your character is revived.

24. "Surrender to my will!"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (13)


Every time you hear this, you know the opposing team is about to put in a great effort. Similar to Zenyatta's ultimate, Moira can make nearby allies essentially invincible as long as they are within lightning range. The scariest thing here is that the beam also deals damage and when combined with its healing abilities it can wipe out an enemy team. Stay out of reach at all costs!

23. "¡Core melted!"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (14)


(Video) Overwatch 2 | Hero Interactions Extras 2

This is where you should start thinking about leaving an area. Torbjorn's ultimate gives him a significant health and shield boost, and also upgrades his turrets from level 2 to level 3. Leaving the area immediately before his ultimate ends gives you a better chance of bringing him down.

Use Reaper to reach the towers or Tracer to get past them and take them out from behind.

22. "Now ready! / Time to go!"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (15)


Sojourn's Max has tremendous potential, although the voice line quote doesn't say much in terms of fear or energy. She brings quite a bit of fire and punch, with added energy and power.

21. "No one can hide from my eyes"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (16)


You have to be careful when you hear Widowmaker say this, as it gives the opponent a momentary radar view of the entire map, meaning the location of each of your teammates can be seen through walls. In this case, there's no way to hide from Widowmaker and Hanzo, so avoid large open spaces, and if you have the flexibility, try to stay indoors until Ultimate is complete.

20. "Alla til mig" (Everything for me)

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (17)


It's hard not to love Brigitte, and she's now considered one of the most popular heroines, which also finds herself firmly embedded in the game's meta.

Her ultimate can also have a major impact on a match, making her nearly invincible and granting health to those around her from all the damage dealt. Stay away if you hear this.

19. "Bombs Away / Time's Up"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (18)


Tracer's Stickybomb does massive damage, and she'll likely only use it when there's a large group of enemies nearby. As soon as you hear her say that, get out as fast as you can!

The trick here is to keep an eye on Tracer as she will need to get out of the area as well as the bomb can damage her too. This makes her incredibly vulnerable.

18. "Light 'em up!"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (19)


The 30th hero to join thisAt sightOn this list, Baptiste is a unique type of support hero with a groundbreaking ultimate.

His voice inspires fear in a way no other Support Ultimate does, amplifying damage dealt by teammates and causing many multiple deaths. Once you see the lighted box, get out of the way!

17. „Ryuugekiken“

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (20)


Genji's ultimate katana is powerful and brutal. It lasts ten seconds and you have little chance of counterattacking if he has his eyes on you. Flee!

16. ``Ryuu-ga, Wa-ga-te-ki-wo, Ku-ra-u''

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (21)


Hanzo's Ultimate quote is pretty scary to hear, but Ultimate's effectiveness depends on what angle the player was aiming at and how many enemies are directly in his line of fire. It's usually pretty easy to get off the path quickly.

Any time you hear Hanzo yell, stay alert and look out for the giant dragon coming your way.

(Video) EVERY ECHO HERO DUPLICATE OVERWATCH 2 - New Sounds, Voice lines, Reworks

15. "Eat that!"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (22)

street pig

Roadhog's Ultimate Gatling Gun is powerful, and you should definitely get out of the way as soon as you mutter that quote to him or hear the constant barrage of bullets (it's a very distinctive sound). His Ultimate is difficult to control with insane recoil, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get out of the way at all costs!


Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (23)


Few people know how to use Winston's Ultimate, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't run like hell every time you hear his terrifying roar.

He gains 1000 health, can use his jetpack at will, and smash and kick you through the air while falling into an invincible beastly rage. Go out of his way!

13. "Restricted Area"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (24)

wrecking ball

Wrecking Ball has yet to find a place in theAt sightTarget, just over six months since he joined the list. However, it's still a useful DPS/Armor option as it acts as a formidable frontline opponent.

His ultimate also stands out as one of the scariest in the game - if you hear the call but can't see where it's coming from, you could find yourself in the middle of a minefield!

12. "Meteorite Impact!"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (25)


I wish Doomfist was more viable than him. Still, his ult causes a lot of panic because, unlike other ults, you never know where he'll end up. And if he manages to catch you and land perfectly, you probably won't survive.

11. "It's Noon"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (26)


The scary thing about the McCree Ultimate quote is that once you hear it, you really don't know if you're in his line of sight or not. Once he sets his sights on you, you're basically dead.

It can be blocked at great distances, so as soon as you hear this quote, enter a building or take cover as soon as possible.

10. "Suffer as I have suffered! / Tear them apart"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (27)


Ramattra still finds a place in the meta, but he's already proving to be a formidable and powerful hero in the lineup. His ultimate voice is thunderous and powerful, sending waves of fear through enemies every time it is spoken.

9. „Los, hello it, Bob!“

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (28)

As he

Ashe, like many of the new hero add-ons tooAt sightThe game's meta hasn't reached them yet. She's a more approachable marksman than Widowmaker and has a lower learning curve than Hanzo, but she's not as diverse or influential as the heroes above.

However, his ultimate can be a game changer, sending a nigh-invincible robot into the heat of battle and bombarding all nearby enemies with a hail of bullets.

8. "I've got my eyes on you!"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (29)

Soldier: 76

(Video) Overwatch 2: 10 Ultimates at Once (Every Hero)

Similar to McCree's Ultimate, but mostly only effective at close range, which is scary when you're trying to attack a target. It locks and just won't miss the target, even if it's moving. Run away like McCree and quickly go inside.

His ultimate is much more versatile as he can move while aiming, making him a lot deadlier compared to McCree.

7. "¡Oh, oh, oh!"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (30)


This ultimate is devastating and can end the game. It can take out multiple enemies at once, and when used in conjunction with Reaper's Shadowstep or Specter Forme, it's one of Overwatch's best ultimates.

Be careful, break every line of sight with the Reaper and try to take him out if possible.whileUltimate as he is incredibly vulnerable during this time.

6. "Justice rains from above!"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (31)


When Pharah launches into the sky and has a good overview of an area, her ultimate is devastating and difficult to avoid. Climb in and break line of sight as quickly as possible.

His constant explosive fire can be devastating to your team and will no doubt spell the end of the game.

5. "Fire in the Hole!"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (32)


Junkrat's explosive wheel is easy to take out with a few shots, but he's hard to keep up with because he's moving so fast. Once you hear the quote and the sound of the engine, you can't help but panic as you frantically search for the demonic wheel of death.

The best thing you can do is corner yourself and prepare to shoot from afar if you see one.

4. „Du do doooo do DUUUU“

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (33)


Bastion's shell form is powerful, explosive, and deadly. Your shield gets a small boost, but even trying to take it down is difficult as its constant missile fire will obscure your line of sight.

It's best to zigzag and run as far as possible - only teamwork will bring this bad boy down.

3. "The universe sings to me"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (34)


Sigma has only just arrived on stage, but their Ultimate line-up and accompanying piano music in the background is insane! We don't really know the full impact of Sigma's Ultimate, although it looks pretty shocking and damaging in the heat of the moment, the delivery of the line, the music and pretty much everything about Ultimate is terrifying.

An instant English translation reads "The universe sings to me!", which is about as wacky as you'd expect.

2. "Nerf That!"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (35)


In fact, nothing is fun anymoreAt sightas a whole team fighting to escape D.Va's explosive mechanism. The blast radius isn't huge, but slower characters might have a hard time getting out of the way before it explodes.

Sometimes it's better to accept your fate.

1. "Adaptive Circuits On"

Overwatch 2 Ultimate Quotes: Every Hero's Speech (36)
(Video) Every NEW Hero Lore Interaction In Overwatch 2


The latest entry in theAt sightCircuit comes through Echo, and she brings pain through duplicating the hero, which isExactlyAs it stands Echo's ultimate allows you to literally duplicate another hero on the opposing team and build that hero's ultimate at a ridiculous rate. This means it can be used and duplicated at crucial moments, and then combined with friendly heroes for devastating effects. If you hear the latter, it's time to prepare your defenses!


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