McDonald's Total Quality Management (TQM) (2023)

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The purpose of this task is to explain Total Quality Management in terms of how it is implemented and how it affects an organization. For this assignment, I chose McDonald's as my primary research to analyze its TQM. Total Quality Management enables an organization to improve its high quality, its products and the economic environment of its products and customer satisfaction. In this job I analyzed all the operational strategies and studied how they achieve their objectives by offering the best service with the best quality to their clients. There is information that I found on the internet and I analyzed the strategies implemented based on my knowledge and observation of the McDonalds work environment.

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McDonald's Corporation is the world's leading foodservice organization. McDonald's was introduced to California in 1940 by two brothers named Dick n Mac McDonalds. Raymond Albert Kroc, a vendor, saw a great opportunity in this market and advised Dick and Mac to expand their operations and open new restaurants. McDonald's evolved from Ray Kroc, which became one of America's only national franchises in 1955. Each food franchise would have its own tagline, like McDonald's; Their motto is to focus on service, quality, value and cleanliness. In 1977, the first McDonald's in Ireland opened on Grafton Street in Dublin.

McDonald's became popular in Ireland and the second restaurant followed on O'Connell Street. There are around 74 McDonalds restaurants around the world and they have opened five new branches called Mc'cafes in Dublin to offer more variety to their services and have employed more than 4000 people in their organization. McDonalds in Ireland became one of the '50 Best Places to Work in Ireland'. McDonald's has a community program that focuses on the local community around current issues and family issues. McDonald's sponsors donations to children's charities, environmental activities and education. McDonald's is the first restaurant to offer its customers nutritional information with ingredients and it offered nutritional brochures. This organization plays its role in promoting a balanced diet and an active lifestyle for children. The Ronald McDonald House charity, founded in 1977, and this program offers grants; Program of social assistance and health care for children.

McDonald's has four principles such as service, cleanliness, quality and finally value. This combination achieved 100% customer satisfaction. This business operates to strict specifications for all products, raw materials and is responsible for implementing the systems to ensure the highest quality of food in all restaurants in Ireland.

McDonald's Malaysia was first established in December 1980 when McDonald's Corporation, USA GOLDEN ARCHES RESTAURANTS SDN BHD submitted the license to operate McDonald's restaurants in our country. Our first McDonald's store opened on April 29, 1982 at Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. There are around 185 restaurants in Malaysia and currently around 10-15 restaurants are expanding every year. McDonald's has created many job opportunities for Malaysians. McDonald's Malaysia employs more than 8,000 local people and offers opportunities for school dropouts now awaiting their SPM results, or even college students looking to work as a source of income. McDonald's' employs approximately 120 people who manage the day-to-day operation of the McDonald's business at its headquarters. McDonald's has two regional headquarters in Penang and Johor Bahru in Malaysia.

2.1) McDonald's Mission

McDonald's is dedicated to being in the favored position of its customers, and the way they deliver their food is to inspire their customers, who care about each customer with quality, cleanliness, value and service. McDonalds invites its customers to be a part of this winning team and provides each customer with the opportunity to grow with the family and strive to put smiles on the faces of billions of people around the world.

overall quality management

There are important implications for how people are managed in your organizations. Each restaurant is responsible for quality; Power and responsibility should be delegated to the employees who perform the work in the organization. Comprehensive quality management at McDonald's requires continuous product improvement and high-quality customer service, where customers' needs and desires are consistently met. That's why McDonald's employees make sure that everyone is held accountable for the quality of their restaurants. The entire McDonald's organization excels in every part of the services and products that are essential to its customers. Total Quality Management can be described as the constant improvement of the quality of the process. McDonald's also practices the total quality management strategy and seeks to improve its effectiveness and efficiency, working in various areas such as continuous improvement, product quality and training, customer satisfaction, and services.

3.1 Product quality

The ability of a service or product to satisfy customer needs is called quality.

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McDonald's works hard to improve the quality of its products.

Food ingredients and nutrients. Here's some up-to-date information on how to improve nutrient quality: For those concerned about food allergies, McDonald's has consolidated all allergen information in the ingredient list for each menu item so that customers have an up-to-date information base. Nutrition information is derived from accredited laboratories, published sources, or information provided by McDonald's suppliers for testing. Nutrition information is based on standard product formulations and serving sizes. All nutritional information is based on average ingredient values ​​from McDonald's suppliers worldwide. Variations in serving sizes, product preparation, testing and serving techniques, as well as regional and seasonal differences can affect the nutritional values ​​of each product.

3.2 Education

In the next stage of Total Quality Management, McDonald's fully focuses on its human resources. This objective of training your human resources at McDonalds is to establish a balance in the overall work of the employees. Therefore, they also try to establish a connection between the quality of a product and the skills of the employees. At McDonalds almost all employees are trained. For example, a cashier is being trained to handle cash, a floor manager is being trained for his hotel management diploma. And all other employees are trained based on their job description at McDonalds.

3.3 Continuous Improvement

Total Quality Management strategies at McDonald's are the improvement of product quality, training and development of employees, who are on the path to continuous improvement in all functions of the organization. Continuous improvements have met the needs of customers according to their wishes, desires or requirements and have also made their products more competitive than before. This continuous improvement also involves a few other factors, such as benchmarking a quality standard, training employees, and maintaining a just-in-time inventory system.

3.4 Customer Satisfaction

McDonalds pays more attention to customer satisfaction. To improve quality standards, employees are well trained and constantly learn from McDonald's results to increase customer satisfaction with their products. When the quality is improved, the staff serving customers are well trained, and the overall service environment is improved, there is no place for customers to be dissatisfied with the company anymore.

3.5 Human Resources not McDonalds.

Since McDonald's is part of the pure service and manufacturing divisions, it employs a very good strategy for its human resources. There are departments at McDonalds as the training would provide the best opportunities for their own employees which really needs to be provided due to the lack of job skills in the department. This would help them achieve their goals efficiently. Separate Departments for Different Functions McDonald's headquarters has different departments, such as for different parts of the marketing department, which consists of marketing specialists who perform marketing analysis and the finance department consists of finance specialists who organize and manage finances. The competition at McDonalds trains its employees in all departments to upskill employees and improve their skills and also train employees to ensure they are serving the right customer, the right product, at the right time. This would allow management to compete with the market. Appropriate use of resources: McDonalds has experts in different departments who would use the opportunities and resources available. McDonald's is also more efficient in providing good service to customers. Last but not least is employee job satisfaction. McDonalds offers training to its employees to improve their McDonalds skills and the results would further improve the performance of its employees. This would make them even more interested in doing a good job and give McDonalds a good reputation.

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McDonald's focus on competition

The weakness of a company depends on the system and the people involved in the organization. It starts with hiring people who are dedicated to the company's goals and can do a better job in the organization. At McDonald's, the team can make the business thrive and, at the same time, lead it to fail. Investing in the value chain is a simple idea, but in the end it works. Happy employees make happy customers, and that can create happy shareholders. McDonald's value is in creating a good environment that attracts customers. Automating the process can eliminate corruption and manipulation in the company. At McDonald's, the sales automation process is introduced to make it more proficient and less complicated than the manual operating system.

Training and retraining can leave a legacy for future McDonald's employees. McDonald's workplace management training opens doors to opportunities and can attract interns to the company. McDonald's leadership, business ownership is the most prominent strategy. But if management fails to run the business, problems can cut the company's connection to its people and customers. Strength can come from an intensive research study where they can look for exceptional new services to offer their clients and shareholders. The strength also lies in the ability of management to analyze where to find the solution to their problems. By improving some processes and systems, problems can be solved. And with greater understanding of all the problems that arise within the company, be it from people or from the system.

5) Like gaps not McDonalds.

The first gap would be between what customers want and what McDonald's thinks about what their customers want in their restaurant. This gap is the result of a misunderstanding or misrepresentation of what customers want, desire, or even need. An organization running a small customer satisfaction survey is likely to find itself in this gap.

The second gap would be between what McDonald's thinks about what its customers want and the quality specifications that McDonald's management develops to serve its customers. Essentially, this gap is the result of management's inability to translate customer needs and wants into their companies' delivery systems.

The third gap would be between the specification of the quality of the service and the services that are present in each company. If gaps 1 and 2 were closed, then gap 3 is due to the inability of management and employees to do what needs to be done. This gap can be caused by under-trained or under-motivated workers. Management must ensure that employees have the right skills and tools to do their jobs.

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The fourth gap would be between what McDonalds offers and what customers experience in relation to the providers. This gap is called the communication gap. You may show more potential in deceptive or deceptive advertising campaigns than the company can distribute or do "whatever it takes" to get business at McDonalds. McDonalds needs to create reasonable expectations for customers through precise communication about what the companies can offer them.

The fifth gap would be between the services customers receive and the services they expect from McDonald's. This gap can be negative or positive and, for example, if a customer expects to wait only 2 minutes to receive their order, they evaluate the quality of the service very well. However, from the customer's perspective, a wait time of 10 minutes would result in a lower rating.


The success of the McDonald's recommendation depends on the ability of the entire organization to understand this. These recommendations are not inflexible, as they emanate from organizational or team-wide initiatives.

At McDonald's, reliability is the ability to provide accurate, reliable and consistent service. Reliability is a way of proving that the service is right the first time. This section has been established as the most important for consumers. Responsiveness is the talent to provide fast service. Examples of responsiveness include calling customers back immediately, serving lunch quickly to customers in a hurry, or delivering food to the home or office. An explanation can be practiced when the knowledge and consideration of McDonald's employees and their ability to inspire confidence. Experienced staff who treat their clients with respect and make them feel that they can trust the organization represent safety for their clients. Their empathy is the act of caring for their clients and an individual approach to the client. McDonald's employees identify their customers, recognize them by name, have a deep understanding of their customers' needs, and instill empathy in their customers.

7) Analysis and conclusion.

McDonald's is an organization that recognizes the importance of customer-focused philosophies and focuses on how they can use quality management approaches to help run their business. An effective approach was discussed and differences between customers' wants, needs and expectations and their perceptions were highlighted with the full support of an example. These major gaps are the serious quality that comes with external customer services and this can be expanded to fill other major gaps and consequently built to be functional for internal customers as well as employees and contractors. McDonalds maintains the quality of its products according to the international standard and also maintains a very good environment in each of its facilities. McDonalds has a very good learning environment for the development of its employees and provides customer satisfaction in their daily life.

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