ELECTRIC DOORS FOR PETS (1)Seen on HGTV and many other news and information programs,praised by expertsand thousands of customer reviews, the electric pet gate is one of the most useful inventions for pets and pet owners. Power pet doors are motorized to work just like power windows in a car, only much faster. The pet-controlled directional ultrasonic collar allows your four-legged friends to come and go safely, while completely freeing you from dog-minding duty. Dog training is easy with a Power Pet electric dog gate. Most dogs learn to use their electric gate without any training. Others may take a few minutes, but virtually all dogs and cats will learn to use their automatic dog door quickly and easily with a few simple training steps.

Do you have unwanted guests like raccoons? Electric pet gates are guaranteed to keep that sneaky raccoon out, as well as other animals, your pet's neighbors, and even potential human intruders.


  • DIRECTIONAL ULTRASONIC DETECTION:It only opens when your pet directly approaches, not just walking, sitting on the doorstep or sleeping.
  • 4-WAY ACCESS CONTROL:Only inside, only outside, inside and outside, closed and locked.
  • METAL TRAVEL:Impossible to open by force. Only the pet collar or manual safety button can open an electric pet gate.
  • INTRINSICALLY SAFE CLOSURE:The electric pet gate is not closed by a motor. It has a fully secure, brake-assisted gravity closing system that lowers the door leaf smoothly and safely.
  • AUTOMATIC SAFETY WITHDRAWAL:The door panel will automatically stop and retract if it detects an obstacle during closing.
  • CONTROL OF INDIVIDUAL AREAS:You can set padding and padding independently. It is generally more convenient to give your pet a wider opening width when approaching from the outside than from the inside.
  • BEST WIND AND WEATHER INSULATION FOR ANY PET DOOR:Tightly sealed and completely windproof, Power Pet doors offer the best insulation of any dog ​​or cat door.

    Otherselectronic pet gatesautomatic, but no other brand or model comes close to the technology, features and convenience of a true electric pet door. Electronic dog doors such as Staywell Magnetic Locking Doors, Petsafe Passport and Smart Door are not motorized. They use a rigid rotating lid that only unlocks in the presence of an RF, magnetic or RFID collar tag.

    Non-motorized pet doors, called electronic, still require your pet to open the hardtop, which many cats and dogs don't like to do. Still, there are many mechanical problems associated with these would-be automatic pet doors.

    There are a few other motorized electronic dog doors, including the Solo door sold by Moore Pet Doors, which uses older technology that can be opened with any magnet, leaving your home vulnerable to any burglar with a magnet. Simple doors are thick, bulky and require a difficult and time-consuming installation between the studs. In contrast, our ultra-thin electric pet doors are less than 2 inches thick and install just as easily as the simplest traditional pet door. Door and wall installations are surface mounted in front of a small opening for quick and easy installation. You can even install them on most French doors with a little effort.

    The magnetic sensor systems used by Solo dog doors are short range, inaccurate and highly sensitive to electrical devices. They may start to open and close suddenly in response to your dishwasher or washing machine. Power Pet Electronic Pet Doors use a patented directional ultrasonic sensor system that only responds to one thing: the tiny waterproof collar. Another major concern is that the Solo Automatic Pet Door is not UL recognized for safe electrical construction. We never recommend placing an electrical device in your home that is not recognized by UL.

    We recently discovered another so-called automatic dog door online that appears to be a fake mechanical copy of an older, discontinued model Power Pet. The Plexidor electric dog gate uses an extruded aluminum frame which is not as strong or stable as the composite ABS polymer used in the electric pet gate. It might seem that metal should be stronger than plastic, but with a sophisticated injection mold it is possible to build a structure that is much stronger, more rigid, more resistant to impacts and resistant to temperature than a welded aluminum extrusion the hand. Electric pet gates are less likely to get stuck in extremely hot or cold weather. Furthermore, the RFID system used by Plexidor requires a large collar key, which is only suitable for large dogs. Plexidor does not have directional sensing, safety recovery, 4-way access, or individual range controls. And we can't understand why such an inferior electronic pet gate sells for over $1,200.00!

    No competitive model, Staywell, Petsafe, Solo or Plexidor offers the sophisticated sophistication of a true electric pet gate, nor will you enjoy the advanced features of directional sensing, automatic security drawer, 4-way access control, security control , single track, automatic drawer safety, metal latch and many other cool and useful features found only on genuine POWER PET automatic pet doors.

    No other pet gate, whether electronic, automatic or conventional, offers the performance, convenience, energy efficiency, security and reliability of an electric pet gate. Because of this, the Power Pet outperforms all other electronic pet doors combined.


    The Electric Pet Gate utilizes a unique, patented panel mounted on a wear-resistant sliding seal. No air flows through the closed panel, no matter how strong the wind blows. Only Power Pet Doors can make that claim. Traditional pet doors and pet doors such as the Ideal, Dog Mate, Petsafe, and Johnson pet doors use a single flap that lets in air. Not even Hale double flap pet doors or Ideal Ruff Weather sealing for dog doors as well as electric dog and cat doors. Simply the best weatherproof pet door, the electric pet door doesn't let a single breath of air escape, even in high winds.


    Only Power Pet gives you an easy-to-install, pre-engineered pet door insert that comes pre-assembled with an electric pet door already installed.

    The Power Pet patio panel fits perfectly over your sliding glass door and installs in just minutes.
    Power Pet Patio Panels are constructed with a strong aluminum frame that is nearly twice as thick and 8 times as rigid as most traditional patio doors. Power Pet siding is available with E-Glass double glazing which saves energy and keeps your home well insulated, saving on energy bills.


    Everything you need for a quick, easy, professional-looking installation on a home door.

  • Electric pet gate:The most amazing pet gate in the world.
  • Hardware-Montagesatz:All the screws you need to securely mount your door, plus decorative screw caps.
  • external trim:A molded frame frames the rear opening of the electric pet gate for quick and easy installation with a professional look.
  • AC wall adapter:The adapter is also state-of-the-art. This is new switching power supply technology that packs a huge amount of power into a small, lightweight device with extremely cool operation.

    There are several very useful accessories that you might want to buy for your electric pet gate, including

  • Additional Necklace for MS-4 Ultrasound:This is our new durable and waterproof pet collar that is perfect for most pets. This necklace works perfectly in rain and snow. However, if your dog likes to chase fish, you might want to upgrade to the MS-5 Dive Collar.
  • MS-5 Fully Waterproof Submersible Necklace:For the water-loving dog who loves to swim or even dive, our new MS-5 collar is completely waterproof and submersible to depths of over 10 feet. This collar also features a thread lock case that is extra strong.
  • Extra collar batteries:The MS-4 and MS-5 are powered by a special long-life lithium battery, model B-3V1A. This battery will typically power the necklace for 3 months or more. Available in individual packs, packs of 2 and packs of 6 quantities.
  • Pet gate rechargeable battery:Our model B12V-1.3 is a rechargeable battery designed to operate your electric pet gate without AC power. If purchased without a charger, it can be used as a backup battery to power the electric pet gate in case of a power outage at home. When power is restored, the electric pet gate's smart power circuit will charge the battery.
  • Battery charger set:The CRG-12-2 kit includes a charger and 2 rechargeable batteries. With this kit, you can conveniently operate your electric pet gate without having to plug it into the wall. Use one battery to power your gate and leave the other in the charger. When the door battery runs out (after about 1000 cycles), just replace it.
  • Wand installation tunnel:A must for quick and easy installation of your electric pet gate to any wall. The installation tunnel immediately frames the wall opening, saving a lot of time and money on wall installation.
  • Purchase accessories separately or as an option when ordering your electric pet gate.


    Electric pet gates are part of the PAW (Pet Automated World) family of compatible products that work together.

    The sonic collar that comes with the electric pet gate also operates our Sound Barrier™ and Yard Barrier™ sound barriers.

    Designed to keep pets off sofas and beds, select rooms and OFF-LIMITS areas. The Power Pet Door Collar operates as many of these ultrasonic fences as you like, while still allowing your pet access to the amazing Power Pet Door.

    In addition, the dog training collars that come with our Model X-10 Electronic Dog Fencing System work with all of our PAW products, including the Electric Pet Gate, Electronic Fence, Radio Mat Cat Pads , sonic barrier and sonic fence for patio. When Buying a High Tech Pet X-10 Electric Fence

    You can set up a custom electronic pet grooming system that keeps your dog out of the yard, flower beds, sofa and trash, while still giving you access to your personal electric pet door, all with a single collar.


    ® TYPE

    Only Power Pet fully automatic electronic dog and cat gates offer the level of professional engineering, security and protection for doors, walls, patio doors and French doors, and allow for integration with other electronic pet supplies for a complete security system. fully automated security. pet care Clinic. All while adding a beautiful centerpiece to your home that will have you and your pet howling!


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