9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (2023)

Over 68% of all clicks go to the top five organic results on Google's search engine results pages. If your business relies on ranking in search engines and getting organic leads, sales, or views, you need to rank highly for keywords that are critical to your industry.

Keyword rank tracking software helps you monitor the progress of your SEO campaign and gives you insights on how to improve and outperform your competitors. These tools help provide important information about how your website is performing in search engines. Keyword rank tracking software is one of the best SEO tools to invest in and profit from.

The right keyword rank tracker not only gives you information about the most popular keyword, but also allows you to analyze the keywords with the highest potential and the keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Beste Keyword-Rank-Tracking-Software

1.SE Classification

Beste Keyword-Rank-Tracking-Software mit On-Page-SEO-Checker

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SE Classificationhelps you analyze the performance of your pagesClassification for your target queries. It is one of the best keyword ranking tools to help marketers.Optimization of a website or blogConducting website audits and checking the quality of your backlinks.

main properties

  • Efficient keyword research tool:SE ranking will help youChoose the right keywordsTarget in your SEO or PPC campaigns. one of the bestKeyword-Recherche-Toolsin the market. EITHERdifficulty functionit gives you an idea of ​​how difficult it would be to rank your article or website on the first page of Google for a specific keyword. Typically, a keyword's difficulty level increases when sites with higher domain authority target it.
  • Search Volume:The tool offers asearch volume featurethis helps youAnalyze monthly traffica keyword lands on Google. You can also discoveraverage price of a clickYou would pay using Google's PPC model. This will give you an idea of ​​CPC data from other regions toAnalyze the difficulty of a keywordglobal. By selecting project keywords, you can quicklyassess the competitionInstant analysis of your competitors inorganic and paid search. Let's goMass keyword analysis, you can analyze hundreds or even thousands of keywords at a time.
  • Backlink Checker:If you're trying to rank on the first page of Google, keyword research alone won't help you in the long run. a... createdetailed backlink strategyIt is important for the SEO of your website. With the backlink analysis tool you candata-driven link building approach. You can check backlinks from new or lost websites and other referring domains. This is possible with the help of IP addresses and subnets.analyze popular regionsthe world with the most referral links. SE Ranking allows youPerform a backlink analysisagainst key parameters.
  • Domain Ranking Score:also the platformcreates a domain ranking scorebased on multiple factors, including the quality of the domain's backlink profile. In addition, you can add the backlinks of great interest discovered by this tool to the backlink monitor where the system does it.automatic status trackingregularly.
  • Extensive competitive analysis:Analyzing your competitors, their strategies and the keywords they are targeting is essential when you are trying to beat them. This will help youGet valuable information on PPC and SEO. The platform allows you to analyze your competitor's website in detail. As soon as you enter the domain you get a 360 degree view of yourorganic and paid advertising strategies. SE Ranking gives you a detailed list of the searches your competitor uses and helps you analyze those keywords based on meaningful parameters. This list includes search volume, keyword difficulty,traffic estimation, cost per target keyword,new and lost keyword statistics, keyword rankings and search results sorted by country.
  • Compare the site with the competitors:A simple Google search may not help you find your biggest competitors, but SE Rankings can. You can study your main competitors, find new ones on the property andcompare semanticsto the keywords of your competitors. means you canCompare keyword differenceand overlaps between your site and your opponents. With a 360-degree view of the market, you can find out why your competitor's traffic is dropping and make sure you don't repeat the same mistake. Follow your steps, use your tactics andImprove your keyword ranking strategy.
  • Website Audit:Make search engines fall in love with your website by running audits on every websitecrucial and small problemthis can prevent your website from reaching the top of the rankings. SE Rankings offers all the important key figures in oneintuitive control panelto help you find all critical parameters quicklydisplayed in performance graphs. They provide a detailed report of all the problems your website is facing and easy-to-follow solutions.
  • Powerful page crawler:is the platformpowerful page crawlercan easily scale1000 pages in just 2 minutes, filtering all results by category. CanShare this website audit reportbetween clients and colleagues to compare progress. Keep tracking your domain's search authority and help it rank higher in search engines. SE Ranking also allows you to analyze each page, link or resource in detail. You can also setpush notificationsif your files are not optimized for search engines.


  • Track your keyword rankings across any location, device, or search engine with 100% accuracy.
  • Analyze the top 100 keyword search results along with their dynamics.
  • Analyze keywords based on important SEO parameters.
  • Research your top competitors, find industry newcomers, and benchmark your keyword list against your competitors.


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SE Ranking has three plans: Essential, Pro and Business.

  • oessential planallows you to work on ten projects simultaneously. You can run website audits for 40,000 pages, check backlinks for 20 domains daily, and automatically group keywords based on the top 10 Google search results.
  • oprofessional planallows you to work on unlimited projects simultaneously. You can run a 250,000 page website audit, track your competitors' organic keyword rankings, and grow your keyword and competitor database by adding targeted keywords.
  • oBusiness planyou can add up to 10 members to your team and work on unlimited projects at the same time. You can check backlinks from 300 domains in a day, create a detailed keyword and competitor research report, and get access to white label resources or APIs.

SE Ranking offers a14 days free trialfor your clients, which gives you access to the website monitoring and auditing tool, which allows you to generate competitive research reports and create an authorized content plan for your website.


Leading keyword rank tracking platform with powerful insights

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SEMrushis one of the most popular SEO and keyword rank tracking tools on the market. this helps youIncrease your organic trafficDiscover millions of national and local keywords, track their daily SERP positions andConducting technical SEO auditsOn your website.

main properties

  • Detailed summary of keywords:SEMrush will help you with thatincrease traffic to your websiteand conquer the search engine results pages. CanDiscover the organic and promotional value of a specific keywordbased on their difficulty, search volume, level of competition, CPC, SERP features, number of results, and keyword variations. The platform allows you to start keyword researchmost extensive databasein the industry. This feature provides all the important key figures for a specific keyword. These metrics, in turn, help you decide which terms to useTarget your website contentas well as paid advertising.
  • Custom Search Intent Keywords:You can analyze different keywords to get theMore specific difficulty and intention. You can use this function to display theNumber of SERP resultsto understand your competition and analyze the search volume locally and globally. SEMrush generates all the keyword lists tailored to youviewer search intent. You can identify additional ranking opportunities by examining related questions and keywords. This can also help youGenerate Paid Ad Ideas. By keeping an eye on trends, you can examine fluctuations in keyword search volume throughout the year, spot seasonal spikes, andAdjust your content planor bid strategy accordingly.
  • Discover the best SEO practices of the competition:Using your competitor's organic search report can improve your keyword ranking strategy. The platform allows you to adapt to thethe most useful keywordsto your website by analyzing your competitor's entire ranking keyword list. This list of keywords can help you with that.Optimize your organic keywordsand find new ways to rank in the SERPs. With SEMrush you can analyze the ranking ofTop 100 Websites on Google, check which keywords drive the most traffic to your website and generate new ideas. By looking at the top organic keywords on desktop and mobile, you canExplore SERP Resources, keyword trends and estimated keyword traffic. You can also analyze your competitor's SERP performance andreveal your SEO strategy.
  • Create keyword report:The platform allows you akeyword messageFor your website, you can compare competing domains for the same or similar keywords. If you dig deep and determine traffic and traffic costs, you can create onebulletproof keyword ranking strategy.It would help if you always focus on keywords that are worth competing for. You can filter them andCreate keyword listsfor different campaigns or purposes.
  • Keyword Magic Tool:The platform's Keyword Magic tool has a database of more than20 billion keywords. You can use this database tofind little competition, high volume keywords or generating thousands of combinations of a seed keyword. ByUpdate all keyword metrics as needed,You can stay updated all the time. you can fastdevelop new content ideasFind terms adapted to the user's intention. To find potential keywords to rank for, analyze yoursTotal search volumemimedium difficulty. After creating and customizing the advanced filter list based on the viewer's intent, you canExport your keywordsfor other SEMrush tools.
  • Keyword Rank Tool:SEMrush te permitecompare your siteor keyword profile with a competitor's website and help identify gaps and new keyword ranking opportunities. You can run one quicklycomprehensive keyword analysison your competitor's website and analyze the keyword they are ranking for. it allows youCompare five websitesRight away. This means that in addition to your website, you can add the top four competitor websites and analyze their detailed list of keywords.
  • Discover the most important possibilities:To analyze matching search engine results, you canChoose a keyword typeor configure a specific type for each domain. It can help you discover significant growth opportunities. By leveraging and estimating the overlap between the keyword portfolios of competing websites, you can find the list of keywords with the most potential. CanDownload all these graphs and tablesin .xls or .csv format. The platform also allows youPowerful keyword strategy and SEOfor your business so you can analyze metrics from up to1000 keywordsRight away.


  • Find out the organic or promotional value of any keyword.
  • Analyze the entire list of keywords your competitors are ranking for and find the ones with the most potential.
  • Search for your keywords with a database of over 20 billion keywords.
  • Analyze metrics for up to 1,000 keywords at a time and discover "non-provided" keywords.


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SEMrush has three plans: Pro, Guru, and Business.

  • oprofessional planYou can manage 5 projects at the same time. You can generate 10,000 keyword and domain analysis results per report and track 500 keywords in a day.
  • omain planeIt allows you to generate data on your competitor's past performance, gives you access to the content marketing platform, and allows you to track 1500+ keywords.
  • oBusiness planyou can manage 40 projects at the same time. You can generate 50,000 results per report, access historical data, use up to 5,000 keyword metric updates per month, and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns.

SEMrush offers aseven day free trialfor your clients, where you can explore the advanced keyword ranking features and settings it offers for ranking your site.


Keyword Rank Tracker Tool with Interactive Reports

9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (5)

SERPWatcheris an efficient ranking tracking tool where you canAnalyze actual SERP performanceYour place. Big brands like Airbnb, Adidas, Skyscanner and Alexa trust this platform.

main properties

  • Easy to use dashboard:The platform offers ainteractive panelto your customers It is easy to use and offersvarious details for keyword analysisand range tracking. You must enter a destination domain name or keyword. SERPWatcher shows you everythingdetails in seconds, with all keywords in the left panel and metrics in the right panel. You can analyze bothSERP for desktop and mobileResults. When creating onestandortspezifisches Keyword Trackingyou can track keywords, search volume, and positions more efficiently.
  • Choose a suitable period:The platform also allows youselect a periodto analyze the performance of the keywords and their positions accordingly. Sorting keyword lists is now easier with this platform. You can usedifferent attributessuch as search volume, current position, matching url, include keywords, and exclude keywords.
  • Well-planned performance index:The performance index or PI is one of the essential metrics offered by this platform. SERPWatcher will help you with thisanalyze performanceof your website based on the keywords being tracked. The PI metric for a website can be calculated considering various factors, such as:Total search volumeis inkeyword actual positionin SERPs. When your PI rank is higher, your website performance is also higher. If you notice a significant increase, it means that the overall performance of the siteperformance has improvedand SERP.
  • Generate PI Score:A PI score helps you analyze whichthe strategies workand which ones to discard. By default, site performance is visible for a specific period of time. The platform allows you to customize this to suit your needs. PI scores can be displayedClick on the keywordin the body.
  • Individual keyword analysis:This is possible with SERPWatcherAnalyze reports for individual keywordsand track location history from the moment you add it to the list. You also cansafe locationfor a given day if you see a significant increase in search volume or keyword position. The tool displays aurl listcurrent range for the selected keyword. To get a detailed view of competitor websites, including URL profiles and backlinks, you can use other tools offered by the parent company. BySearch volume history analysisa specific keyword, you decide if it is sopossible to target the keywordand its future potential. this helps youstudy all aspectsof the keyword.
  • Create interactive reports:The platform allows you to download andshare interactive reportswith your team members and customers. You don't even have to download it and attach it to the email. All you have to do is press the 'Share tracking' button on the control panel. SERPWatcher provides you with oneLink to copy and sharewith your team and your clients. they can tooAnalyze other metrics, including position changes, search volume history, and URL rank for your target keyword. It helps you and your team, aproper competitive analysisand discover yoursSEO strategybefore preparing one of your choice. The tool canAutomatically generate weekly or monthly reportsto your team and notify you when the target keyword joins or leaves the teamTop 10 or 100 results.


  • Learn about your website's organic traffic potential and how it actually performs on the SERPs.
  • View your website's ranking daily and keep track of your performance indicators.
  • Track your website or keyword ranking from any location or device.
  • Share interactive reports with your clients or teammates with a single click.


9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (6)
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SERPWatcher is a tool offered by the parent company Mangools. It has three plans: Mangools Basic, Mangools Premium, and Mangools Agency.

  • oBasic plan mangoolesprovides 100 keyword searches in a day, lets you search for 25 competitor keywords, and tracks 200+ keywords daily.
  • oMangools Plan Premiumallows three people to login at the same time. It offers 70 daily website searches, tracks around 700 keywords and analyzes unlimited competitor keywords.
  • oMangools Agency Planallows ten people to log in at the same time. It offers 1,200+ daily keyword searches, 700 keyword suggestions, and tracks 1,200 keywords in 24 hours.

With SERPWatcher you get access to a10 days free trialwithout adding your credit card details. You get access to unlimited competitor keyword searches, SERP searches, and over 700+ keyword suggestions. You also have the right to a10% lifetime discountif you upgrade to a paid plan within one hour of starting your free trial.


Keyword rank tracker app is best for discovering new keywords

9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (7)

windshelp youTrack the position of your keywordon Google and allows youIncrease your quality trafficorganic search. CanImprove your ranking quicklyand track their performance over time.

main properties

  • Efficient keyword search function:ForImprove your on-page SEO activitiesand ranking, you need to do proper and thorough keyword research. EITHERquality of your contentIt depends on how thorough your search is. Winder is aintuitive platformdeploymentmore keyword suggestionsfor your initial keyword. These suggestions are often beneficial and can provide additional content ideas. The keyword search tool is integrated into theRanking-Tracker-Tool, making it more convenient.
  • Detailed keyword metrics:The platform not only offers keyword suggestions, but alsoshow search volume, estimated traffic volume, and cost-per-click data. That toosuggest keywordswhere your site has a good chance of ranking and the keywords your site already ranks for in Google SERPs. You also canChoose keywords that you find interestingor add them to your daily rank tracking in a few easy steps. Wincher lets you do that tooimport your keywordsfrom the Google search console. This feature is ideal for constantlyAdding new keywordsabout your website and analyzing its performance.
  • Comprehensible dashboard:wincher has oneinteractive panelThis will give you an overview of how your keywords are performing. Here you canCheck various metricsfor the selected keywords. This visual platform offers aBar graph displayChanges in the position of the selected keywords. It shows how many keywords have risen in the ranking and which have fallen in a given period of time. This report will help you create onefull table of keywordsfor your website
  • Analyze keyword position and traffic:The board also gives you an idea.average position of your websiteor keywords. Although displaying the average location position is not a very useful criteria, you can use this feature while doing itTrack individual page performanceor blog posts. You can also view total site traffic numbers and compare them by customizing the date range. Keyword rank tracking software offers aWeekly or monthly comparisonof traffic to your website. Wincher offers adetailed table of keywordsfor your website Against all chosen keywords,show the best sideYour place. You can also see thecurrent ranking, keyword volume and estimated traffic.
  • Well Organized Rating Tracker:Every time you publish a new article or add a new product page to your website, this is essential.analyze your performanceabout SEO. winchesranking tracking functionIt will help you. it allows youFollow the classificationof our chosen keywords with ease. while the platformautomatically recognizes some keywordsfor which your website already ranks, you can manually add the rest to this tool. After adding all the keywords, the toolautomatically get your website rankingsfor each of them, helping you to analyze the performance of your site as a whole, as well as individual category pages.
  • Daily updates:The best thing about this keyword rank tracking software is the daily updates. The data is updated daily andshows daily position changesand the middle position. This makes the data highmore accurate and reliablecompared to other ranking trackers. The platform allows you to analyze the performance of each page of your website. You can also see theTotal amount and keywordsand their traffic to each page. With this volume you can understand mostimportant keywordit helps your site to rank in the SERPs.
  • Competitive analysis:Competitor analysis is one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy. It's one of the best ways to get an idea of ​​where you are in the market.Conduct thorough competitor researchand analyzing the keywords they rank for helps create abest advertising strategyfor your website. All you have to do is enter your competitor's domain and the tool willlook for traffic and keywordsYou order by. This will help you analyze howcompare face to facewith your competitors and discover how to overcome them to improve your ranking. You can use the platform to do that tooCreate visual and interactive reports. On-Page SEO Checker le permiteReview your pages to optimize themand compare them with the sites of your competition.


  • Get a quick overview of how your websites and keywords are performing, regardless of their count.
  • Get up to 6 months of ranking history for your aggregated keywords to analyze their performance over time.
  • Invite an unlimited number of users to your account and work on your strategy with your entire team.
  • Stay on top of your competitors by receiving daily ranking updates.


9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (8)

Wincher has three plans: Starter, Business, and Enterprise.

  • oinitial levelit offers daily ranking updates, lets you track up to 500 keywords, and searches ten websites.
  • oBusiness planIt allows you to get on-demand ranking updates, access and track unlimited websites, and add up to 10 competitors for each website.
  • oBusiness planIt lets you track up to 10,000 keywords, create scheduled and on-demand PDF reports, integrate Google Search Console into your tool, and manage user and project permissions.

Wincher offers a14 days free trialfor your clients where you can track daily ranking updates, analyze multiple websites simultaneously, create PDF reports and generate an on-page SEO score for your website. If you subscribe to the annual plan, you can use this toolfree for two months.

5.Advanced Web Ranking

Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software for Custom SEO Reports

9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (9)

Advanced Web Rankingoffersnew web rankingsto your customers every week, every month and on demand. you access theseWhite label reportsAnd it can be done from any device. The platform is trusted by major brands including Microsoft, Amazon and Digitas.

main properties

  • Access accurate keyword rankings:Advanced Web Ranking has been in this industry for over 19 years, so you canTrust the accuracy of your data. The platform offersnew and accurate keyword rankingstoo much4,000 search engines. You can control the ranking of your website inmore than 170 countries. Apart from Google, you can also track your website rankingmultiple search engines, including Youtube, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, Yandex and Baidu.
  • Website Performance Tracking:You can also track, modify and compare yoursWebsite Ranking and Performanceon SERPs on multiple devices. These evaluations can be obtained on set, periodically or upon request. In addition to the global leaderboards, you can evenLocal Reviews Trackingwith this tool. The platform allows you to select any location in the world up to a country, state, city or evenSet GPS coordinatesthe place you want to track.Local search volume trackingfor your keywords is now easier. Canshow keywords quicklyYour website has the potential to evaluate and analyze the traditional ranking of your website in universal search.
  • Visualize your SEO progress:If you work as an agency or freelancer and have multiple clients, you can use this platform to demonstrate the value you bring to them. CanCreate interactive reportsand show them your SEO efforts, keyword rankings andOn-Page Optimization Reports. The tool is easy to use.integrated with Google, and you can get keyword and website ranking metrics from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Ads.
  • Develop an SEO strategy:By tracking the performance of your keywords and the keywords you choose to target, you can do thisDevelop an excellent SEO advertising strategy. You can segment data, go to your website andCorrect any classification changesYou may notice that it helps prevent your site from suffering organic performance damage. The platform allows yousee organic performanceof your keywords and website with the help ofperformance metrics. This includes visibility, click-through rate, average ranking, estimated visits, and market share.
  • Discover qualifying opportunities:Advanced Web Ranking can monitor your keyword ranking for all types of keywordsSERP resourcesavailable in Google search results. That means you canDiscover qualifying opportunitieswith the help of powerful filters. Helps you get new SERP features andimprove your visibilityin search rankings. The Keyword Rank Tracker Tool lets you do just that.performance trackfrom your website and see if your pages get special posts, such as B. Featured Snippets, People Questions, AMP, Featured Stories, or Knowledge Panel.
  • Detailed SERP Feature Reports:Advanced Web Ranking allows you to generate a report to help you decide whichSERP featurebrings more traffic to your website and allows you to do itIdentify new opportunities for keywordsthat you can aim The platform also offers adetailed reportabout your landing pages and how to target themImprove your organic performanceand visibility.
  • Simple competitor analysis:Advanced web ranking tool helps you keep track of your competitors' activity and ranking and gives you asustainable competitive advantage. You can track andCompare the visibility of your competitorsin the Google SERPs for the keyword you are targeting. This will help you spot weaknesses in their strategy that you can use to improve yours. You also cantarget competitive keywordsthat it is worth following.
  • Quick Competitor Comparison:holding aweekly monitoring of the dynamics of SERPs, you will be able to discover all the new competitions that you would have otherwise missed. The platform also allows youReplicate your competitor's strategyThis allows you to directly compare what type of content leads to better search results. This in turn will help you with that.find a strategyand overcome them.


  • Easily handle projects with large sets of keywords and multiple search engines.
  • Create interactive reports and easily share them by granting access to your account.
  • Track, compare and optimize your keywords and website ranking on multiple search engines.
  • Integrate your tool with multiple data sources and create a detailed report on your keywords.


9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (10)

Advanced Web Ranking has four plans: Starter, Pro, Agency, and Enterprise.

  • oinitial levelyou can track local and mobile rankings, offer flexible updates, and provide access to a Detailed Keyword Difficulty Report.
  • oprofessional planallows you to manage unlimited projects and add unlimited users to your team. You can also create an aggregated list of competitors across the entire set of keywords.
  • oagentturplanYou can access local keyword search volumes, get data on historical keyword rankings, and generate new rankings for your projects every hour.
  • oBusiness planis the flagship program offering a dedicated account manager, data migration assistance, and priority customer support.

Advanced Web Ranking30 day free trialfor your clients, where you can crawl unlimited websites, get access to local and mobile ranking tracking, and receive thousands of keyword updates weekly from Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Leading keyword ranking tool with enterprise-class SERP data

9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (11)

Krugis one of the top keyword ranking tools that gives you moreaccurate business SERP datathan most other tools in the industry. this helps yoube at the top of organic search resultsand develop a strategy for your advertising campaigns.

main properties

  • Brand tracking and tracking:Most tracking software restricts your customers to only one website at a time. On the other hand, Nozzle allows you to do thisCrawl as many competitor websites as possibleas you want in search engines. Helps you keep abest record of your competitorsand analyzes the keywords you rank for. They make it easy to use properties, tags, and URLs instead of unique domain names. yes you cantrack brands, you can monitor every movement.
  • Create custom rules:The platform also allows youcreate custom rulesto track and monitor various websites. You can be as specific as you want with them. This function helps you to carry it outrobust competitive analysisand discover the strengths and weaknesses of your SEO strategy. You can use this data toimprove your advertising strategyand devise a plan to defeat your rivals. The tool also allowsRecognize your unknown competitorsabovevoice sharing panel. You can add them to your dashboard as designated competitors and the tool will rewrite the historical data to include this new competitor.
  • Flexible schedule:Not all keywords are created equal or measured by similar parameters. Short keywords arebut competitiveand demandsdetailed viewto create an SEO strategy. On the other hand, long-tail keywords are easier to rank for and require a detailed report of your CPC and volume. Nozzle is one of the few search engine ranking tools in the industry thatoffers flexible hours in real timeto your clients. The platform does not force you to pay the same price to crawl long-tail keywords as your original keywords. you can easilySplit your keywordsin as manyProgramming-Cubesas you wish for your project. With these planning intervals, you can keep an eye on usMonitor important and competitive keywordsdaily, hourly or even every 5 minutes. On the other hand, keywords that are kept in separate scheduling intervals that are not as important can be monitored by aweekly or monthly plan. It helps you keep track of your keyword rankings without breaking the bank.
  • SERP Data: Accurate and Reliable DataIt is important to develop an SEO strategy that will ultimately help your website grow. The mouthpiece gives you access toextensive SERP datathat you can use to analyze your performance, the performance of your competitor, and how you canovercome themand improve your ranking. canAccess to advanced metrics, including estimated traffic, PPC volume, and search volume for your selected keywords.
  • Analyze groups of keywords:The platform allows youAnalyze groups of keywordswith cluster-driven performance dashboards, breakdowns, and in-depth comparisons. You can classify your keywords into any number of groups andManage them in bulk. The mouthpiece gives you access to the data ofany search engine, any device, or place. To create an ad campaign strategy, you cananalyze paid resultsYour competitors and how they impact results and traffic on a daily basis. This strategy will help youCreate a bulletproof planfor your paid ads.
  • Seamless third-party integrations:By integrating your tool with various third-party applications, this is possiblemaximize performanceyour tool It also allows your team to work with software and interfaces with which they are already familiar. The platform ensures that all the data you paid for is thereto send you, and you can use them however you want. That means you canDownload reportsin formato .csv or iintegration platformUse this data with other tools. you can easilyunlock valueof your data through integration withGoogle data study,quadruple, zDomo.


  • Track as many search engine ranking positions as you want.
  • Find unknown competitors with the shared voice dashboard and integrate them with your historical data.
  • Create flexible schedules in real time.
  • Seamlessly integrate your data with third-party applications and export it with easy-to-read reports.


9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (12)

Nozzle has four plans: Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus.

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  • oPlantaIt is suitable for companies that are just starting out. All platform features are included in this plan, including 10,000 keyword extractions.
  • oadvanced planIt is suitable for growing companies. All platform features are included in this plan, including 21,000 keyword extractions.
  • oprofessional planIt is suitable for medium-sized companies. All platform features are included in this plan, including 60,000 keyword extractions.
  • oPlano Pro Plusit is suitable for medium-sized companies that are on their way to becoming a large company. All platform features are included in this plan, including 130,000 keyword extractions.

Nozzle offers a price14 days free trialfor its clients that offers brand tracking, competitor monitoring, flexible scheduling, and detailed SERP data reporting.

7.government laboratories

The best keyword rank tracking software for mobile and local rankings

9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (13)

government laboratoriesis an industry leading SEO softwareTrusted by managers and marketersthroughout the industry. The platform offersextensive keyword dataand search engine ranking to automate your SEO monitoring and get high potential keywords.

main properties

  • Daily updates:Authoritylabs is acloud based software. This means that you can use this platform without downloading or installing any additional software. also the platformprovides daily updatesKeywords to help you improve your SEO strategy after the updated changes. Daily updates are important as they help youanalyze unexpected trendsto the selected keywords.
  • Create a complete SEO strategy:Authoritylabs le permiteCreate a complete SEO pictureSEO ranking performance over time. You can see your performance for thelast 30 or 90 daysand analyze which keywords brought the most traffic to your website. The platform also allows youAnalyze your historical datafrom the beginning of his campaign. It also immediately processes allmaintenance or troubleshootingto your software.
  • Local and mobile tracking:Unlike other SERP tracking software that offers global search results for keywords, Authoritylabs also offersAccess to local and mobile keyword rankings. The platform's local tracking capabilities will help you break down your search forGPS coordinatesor exact PIN codes. This function is useful if you tryRate your product pageor business for your local audience. there is enoughDifference in search intentwhen users search on their computers and mobile phones. Mobile users are often looking for quick information, local business details, price comparison, and stock levels based on purchase intent. Authoritylabs offers you aDetailed analysis of mobile search resultsto help you choose your keywords and create aEstrategia Mobile-First-SEO.
  • Efficiency Tracking:Authoritylabs makes sure you cantarget groupof all the world. With the help of aglobal tracking functionYou can analyze keyword data from around the world and search for keywords with the highest competition or potential. it also helps youDiscover your competitionWorldwide. You can easily upload your domain and that of your competitors and compare their SEO strategy with yours. BySearch for new keywords, you can generate unique content ideas. Studying your strategy will help youidentify your weaknessesand beat them in SERPs.
  • SERP Data Point Tracking:The platform canTrack many data pointsfrom search results, including answer snippets, people also asking, related searches, local pack, knowledge graphs, and paid search engine ads. if you are a...e-commerce businessor planning to start one, you can focus your keyword research on ecommerce search optimization and track keyword rankings on over20 eCommerce Websites. These include Amazon, Walmart, and Target.
  • Intuitive reports:Reports are important to study and analyze data for future reference. Authority Labs isEasy to usemirepresents SEO rankings visuallythrough intuitive reports. These reports can be usedTrack campaign performanceover time. You also canexport reportsand forward them to your clients or teammates. The reports are easy to understand. You also canSchedule daily email reportswith the platform Government laboratories can beeasily integrates into third-party applicationssuch as Google Analytics and other data sources. It also allows youadd unlimited team membersto your account, making it easy to create your SEO strategy.


  • Add unlimited team members to your account and work seamlessly.
  • Monitor SEO performance with reliable and accurate keyword data.
  • Extend the reach of your keyword searches by adding domains or pages from any country or language.
  • Search for local or mobile-specific data and find keywords with the highest potential.


9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (14)

Authoritylabs has four plans: Plus, Pro, Pro Plus, and Enterprise.

  • omore cardallows you to analyze up to 250 keywords and track 50 domains. You also get access to local and mobile tracking, as well as daily keyword updates.
  • oprofessional planallows you to analyze 1000 keywords and 100 domains. You can also integrate your tool with Google Data Studio.
  • oPlano Pro Plusprovides access to reports, offers daily updates, local and mobile tracking, and allows analysis of up to 2,500 keywords.
  • AndBusiness plan, you can analyze more than 5000 keywords and unlimited domains. You also get access to Google's data studio integration, white label, and front-end API.

Authoritylabs offers an exclusive14 days free trialfor your clients, where you can add unlimited members to your team, track local and mobile keywords, and download reports to share with your clients.

8.Moz Pro Keyword-Rank-Checker

The fastest keyword rank tracking software for competitive research

9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (15)

Moz Pro Keyword-Rank-CheckerIt's alightning fast toolallowing you to check your keyword ranking instantly. this helps youdo a better searchin less time, allowing you to quickly check the ranking of any website.

main properties

  • Access to historical data:Unlike popular keyword tracking software, Moz Pro allows you to do this.access historical performanceData for any keyword. This data, in turn, helps you analyze whether a keyword is experiencing seasonal ups and downs. Historical data is a crucial aspect of yourSearch Engine Optimization Strategy. Cananalyze performanceYour sites and different category pages to help you figure out what works and what doesn't work for your site. It helps you compare how you haveyour business grewThrough the years.
  • Campaign Rating Tracker:Moz Pro gives oneSummary of movementsYour ranking on various search engines. EITHERCampaign Reviews Trackerhelps you check how yourchange of positionover time in various search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This tool isIncorporatedsin software
  • Global and local rating tracker:Different companies may have different requirements when it comes to researching keywords and analyzing their rankings. If you are an agency or a freelancer, you may see some clients doing this.international target groupworld. On the other hand, others want your SEO strategy to target them.local public. . . . Moz Pro offersglobal and local ranking trackerto accommodate all stores. It gives you the opportunity to check how good yourKeywords work in search enginesmore than200 countries. You can use parameters likesearch engines, Labels or Sort to sort your data. Local ranking tracking is crucial and helpsRefine your keywords and SEO strategiesbased on local search variations. On the other hand, global search engine rankings are essential for international business.
  • Track Competitor Ratings:Tracking the performance of your competitors is critical tosustainability of your website. If you want to top Google search results, you need to know your competitors and how your website is performing. that might helpAnalyze the keywordsThey rank by their SEO strategy and discover yoursstrengths and weaknesses. This will help you build oneBulletproof SEO Strategyfor your website
  • Compare your performance:With Moz Pro, you can compare the performance of your site and keywords against your competitors. This comparison is useful because it allows you toSearch for overlapping keywords, and the ones you see have more potential. Once you discover the competitive keywords, you canimprove your strategyand order them. You can also use other tools offered by thisSEO tool, Includingdomain authority, link metrics, anchor text andTitle Tag Toolsto get onedetailed viewin your search engine ranking. By optimizing your keywords, you canImprove overall ratingYour place.
  • Mobile and desktop ratings:Most people, and even some keyword ranking software, don't consider the difference between desktop and mobile searches when displaying ranking results. PeopleSearch for a different purposeon their mobile devices versus computers. Desktop and mobile content creation requiredanswer all the questions people have. Most search engines prioritize websites withContent generated from mobile queries. Moz Pro Rating Tracker will help you with thatcompare your rankfor mobile and desktop separately. So you can analyze what keywords you bringmore trafficfor your desktop and mobile. Based on the data, youincrease your performanceon both devices.


  • Generate instant ranking reports and see how your site is performing for your target keywords.
  • Get ranking data from multiple search engines including Bing, Yahoo, Google and Google Mobile.
  • Analyze the ranking of your keywords by search volume. The platform is more than 95% accurate in its data.
  • See the progress of your website and web pages and add all the data to a ranking history graph.


9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (16)

Moz Pro Keyword Rank Checker offers four plans: Standard, Medium, Large, and Premium.

  • odefault planIt allows you to create 3 campaigns, track up to 300 keyword rankings, and gives you access to 5 on-demand tracks each month.
  • omedium shotYou can work on 10 campaigns, drive 5,000 searches per month, and get access to desktop and mobile rankings.
  • oBig planegives you access to unlimited reports generating up to 500 rank check queries daily and 15,000 keyword queries per month.
  • AndPlano PremiumYou can create 50 campaigns, track up to 4,500 keyword rankings, and generate 100 on-demand crawls each month.

Keyword Rank Checker from Moz Pro le da acceso a un30 day free trialits premium services. You can track your keyword rankings, perform detailed competitive analysis, generate reports, and get access to local and global rankings and SERP data.

9.rating tracker

Affordable keyword rank tracking software with a huge database

9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (17)

rating trackeris one of the most popular keyword rank tracking software out thereFind the best keywordsfrom a database ofbillions of keywords. The platform is more than reliable.20,000 usersfor detailed information.

main properties

  • Competitor Opinion:Get a picture of what your competitors are doing and how they are doing itcome on men Google SERPs are required forCreate a solid SEO strategyfor your website Unlike other rank tracking software, Ranktracker focuses onbreak the SEO strategy of the competitionin every little detail. you bid onedetailed reporton your general website along with the individual web pages. The goal is to learn more about your competitor's website and strategy than about your website. All you have to do is enter your competitor's URL in the field.
  • Compare Competitive Sites:the platform goesautomatically compareYour rankings and keywords move along with yours. This will help you analyze how well yourthe strategy worksand when to step up your SEO efforts. This tool also gives you an idea ofhow your pages rank. Ranktracker offers aaverage positionfor each page, along with additional metrics and performance indicators like search volume or traffic. You can even see which keywords are yoursrank websitesfor. This can also be done for a competitor's website.
  • Visual progress overview:Get an idea of ​​what your website looks likeRanking week by weekIt is important to make decisions about your future SEO strategies. If you're just starting your business, you can try different approaches to see which one works best for your industry. Ranktracker gives you onevisual summaryareRanking progressto help you find the perfect strategy. Show all data inform of graphics, showing how its position has changed over time. This allows you to analyze andshare your progresswith your colleagues and clients. you can get oneinstant traffic overview, visibility and much more. Check if your search engine is displaying SERP features for your site, such as B. featured snippets or reviews. If not, you can take advantage of these opportunities.Optimize your content for SERP featuresand get a huge traffic boost.
  • Generate useful metrics:Ranktracker helps you generate andAnalyze useful metricsfor each keyword. The interactive dashboard allows you to see all the important metrics for a specific keyword in one place. Withkey performance indicatorlike CPC, keyword difficulty and clicks, you can see how your keywords are performinggenerate trafficfor your website
  • Historical data report:The platform also allows you aHistorical data reportfor your websites, web pages and keywords. Depending on your needs, you can generate7, 30 and 90 day reports. These reports can help you analyze whatStrategies work for youand cause a drop in your traffic. The spikes and dips in your traffic will match yoursmarketing activities.
  • Maximize your sales:If you write tons of content on your website, it can happen that your website ranks for some keywords without you realizing it. means it's youmiss sales opportunitiesif you don't maximize your sales on already ranked pages. rating trackerdiscovery toolhelp youidentify keywordsto optimize your content andgenerate new partsrespectively. It can also causenew sales opportunities. You also canTo create a reportProvide accurate information about each optimization stage. These will help youmake wise decisionsfor your business.


  • Track your website's ranking progress based on global, national and local regions.
  • Easily view your progress on the leaderboard across multiple platforms, including mobile and desktop.
  • Efficiently track the organic and absolute positions of your keywords and determine your exact ranking.
  • Receive daily email alerts for each of your websites when traffic or ranking changes.


9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software of 2022 (Reviewed) (18)

Ranktracker has four plans: Starter, Double Data, Quad Data, and Hex Data.

  • oinitial levelallows you to track up to 100 keywords per day, search for two competitors per domain, and suggest up to 100 keywords per search.
  • odual data plangives you access to 500 keywords tracked daily, suggests up to 12 keywords for each search, and generates unlimited reports.
  • oQuad data planIt lets you track unlimited domains, gives you access to PPC rankings, keyword rank detection, and sharing tracking links with your team.
  • olevel of hexadecimal dataYou can add unlimited users to your team, get access to 1,000 keyword difficulty checks, review 10,000 pages each month, and generate automatic reports.

With Ranktracker you have access to a7 days free trial, where you can add unlimited team members, run reports, and create actionable SEO tasks.

(Video) How to Use Rank Tracker for Keyword Research and Rank Checking (2023)

What is a keyword rank tracker?

Keyword Rank Trackers Help MarketersMonitor the progress of your keywordsand your SEO campaign. It is an important SEO tool that helps determinehow high your content ranksand SERP.

Keyword rank tracking tools help you analyze how keyword and website rankings have evolveddeveloped over time, it allows youdiscover strategiesthis can increase rankings and traffic. These ranking tracking tools also show everyoneadditional metricsrelated to your keywords and those used by your competitors.

These tools will help youImprove on-page performance of your website. They also provide performance indicators for your keywords and site that affect your ranking, including position,search volume, traffic andCPC.

Key features to look for in a keyword rank tracking software

It is nearly impossible to plan successful SEO strategies without knowing your website's keywords and performance. A good keyword rank tracking tool will help you with that.Analyze your keywordsmisuggest keywordsYou can link to your content.

Here are some key features to look for in keyword rank tracking software.

1. Precision

Accurate and reliable data is the backbone of everyonesuccessful SEO strategy. Even one or two wrong results can hurt your strategy. Some ranking tracking software on the market cannot differentiate between global and local rankings and therefore provide their clients with mixed results.

When choosing a tool to track your keyword rankings, make sure it's been around for a long time.some years. help build oneextensive keyword databaseand have more opportunitiesshows accurate results. Also, it would be helpful if you chose these toolsprovide daily updatesin your keyword reports.

2. Local results

The ability toSee local resultsis an important feature when it comes to keyword rank tracking tools. This is because sometimes you want to post content or send your sale to a specific region of the world. These tools would help you figure out whatlooking for peoplefor.

When choosing a keyword rank tracking software, you should choose one that showsworld, national, state and local rankingof keywords. There are more advanced tools andBid Keyword Rankingand suggestions based on area code and GPS coordinates. These are a bit more professional and recommended.Ecommerce Website Owners.

3. Ease of use

A classification tracker should have a simple anduser friendly interface. It is critical that non-technical employees be able to use the tool and improve your website's content and keyword strategy.

When choosing a keyword rank tracking tool, you should make sure that it has asingle board. The platform mustshow all notificationsdirectly on the dashboard and email address.

4. Interactive reports

Reports are essential when it comes to SEO tools. they help youtrack your performanceover the years and share them with your team members and clients. Some SEO tools are limited to reporting and do not allow you to share links or download them in an accepted format. This could be a problem for you if you are an agency or a freelancer.

When choosing a keyword rank tracker for your business, you need to make sure that the tool offers this.interactive and visual reportsthese areeasy to understand. Some advanced tools allow you to do this.Directly copy a link and share itwith their customers who can thenaccess the reportthrough your account andget a detailed viewSite performance and keywords.

5. Unlimited users

The best keyword rank tracking software doesn't limit the number of users you can add to your team.Creating an SEO StrategyIt requires a lot of research and brainstorming. Most content marketing teams try to engage as many people as possible to get a different perspective and fresh content ideas.

If you subscribe to a keyword rank tracking tool, you must choose a subscription plan that allows itadd unlimited membersfor your team

Choosing the Right Keyword Ranking Tracker

The right keyword rank tracker depends on the needs of your website and the resources you need to effectively manage your SEO campaign.

(Video) Keyword Rank Tracking Software - Why You NEED to Have it

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What is the best search engine rank checker tool? ›

The best rank checking tools of 2023 in full:
  1. SEMrush. Best SERP checker. Our expert review: ...
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  3. Moz Pro. Best rank checker. Our expert review: ...
  4. Serpstat. Our expert review: ...
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  6. Advanced Web Ranking. Best organic traffic insight tool.
Nov 21, 2022

How can I track my keywords rankings? ›

How to Monitor Keyword Rankings With SEO Tools
  1. Ahrefs. Ahrefs' Keywords Explorer is one of the most popular keyword position monitoring tools on the internet. ...
  2. SEMRush. ...
  3. Accuranker. ...
  4. Ubersuggest. ...
  5. Google Search Console. ...
  6. SearchMetrics. ...
  7. WebCEO. ...
  8. Tap into Trends.

How do I check my keyword ranking for free? ›

List of the Best Keyword Rank Checker Tools
  1. Sitechecker.
  2. Semrush.
  3. SE Ranking.
  4. Serpstat.
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  6. SERPWatcher.
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  8. AccuRanker.

What is the best way to increase keyword rank? ›

Follow these suggestions to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results.
  1. Publish Relevant, Authoritative Content. ...
  2. Update Your Content Regularly. ...
  3. Metadata. ...
  4. Have a link-worthy site. ...
  5. Use alt tags.

What is the smartest search engine? ›

  1. Google. Besides being the most popular search engine covering over 90% of the worldwide market, Google boasts outstanding features that make it the best search engine in the market. ...
  2. Bing. ...
  3. 3. Yahoo. ...
  4. Baidu. ...
  5. Yandex. ...
  6. Duckduckgo. ...
  7. Contextual Web Search. ...
  8. Yippy Search.
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What is the top 5 search engine? ›

If you own a website, you should be aware of the list of search engines that can assist you with content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). The top five search engines across the world are Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask.com, and Baidu.

Is rank tracker free? ›

Use this free tool to analyze a keyword's potential. The SERP checker sees the top 30 results for a keyword and detects correlations between different ranking factors. See which SEO factors — keywords, backlinks, or pagespeed — will help you compete for the best position in Google results.

Is Serpstat free? ›

Start using Serpstat, it's free!

Can you guarantee keyword ranking *? ›

Simply put – it's not possible to guarantee rankings. Even if the agency has an excellent track record for delivering high-quality SEO services – it still doesn't change the fact that Google is the only one that has complete control. Any SEO agency worth its salt should own this fact.

What is the best free keyword research tool for SEO? ›

Free keyword research tools
  • QuestionDB.
  • Ahrefs Keyword Generator.
  • SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool.
  • Ubersuggest.
  • Moz Keyword Explorer.
  • Soovle.
  • Keyword Tool Dominator.
  • Google Trends.

How long does it take to start ranking for keywords? ›

According to seo.co, it can take anywhere from three to six months to rank on the first page of Google, assuming that you're writing good content and optimizing your website for search engines. If there's high competition or you haven't optimized your website, it may take six to 12 months to see results.

How do I find out what keywords a website is paying for? ›

The 8 best tools to find competitor keywords
  1. WordStream's Free Keyword Tool.
  2. BuzzSumo.
  3. Semrush.
  4. Spyfu.
  5. Ahrefs.
  6. Google Auction Insights.
  7. Seed Keywords.
  8. Tag Clouds.
Sep 24, 2022

Which are the 3 main factors that go into choosing a keyword? ›

Here goes:
  • Keyword Relevance. The relevance of a keyword or phrase to the subject matter on the page is positively the MOST important factor in keyword choice. ...
  • Keyword Search Volume. Obviously, if no one is searching for a keyword or phrase, optimizing for it won't help. ...
  • Keyword Competition. ...
  • Keyword ROI. ...
  • Keyword Intent.
Aug 23, 2012

How can I improve my Google ranking for free? ›

How to improve your local ranking on Google
  1. Enter complete data. Local results favor the most relevant results for each search. ...
  2. Verify your locations. ...
  3. Keep your hours accurate. ...
  4. Manage & respond to reviews. ...
  5. Add photos. ...
  6. Add in-store products. ...
  7. Relevance. ...
  8. Distance.

How do I improve my keywords for SEO? ›

6 Keyword Optimization Tips
  1. Audit Your Current On-Page SEO.
  2. Find Keywords for Your Site.
  3. Map Your Keywords.
  4. Add Keywords to Your Site.
  5. Avoid Keyword Stuffing.
  6. Don't Forget Your Target Audience.
Jan 26, 2021

What search engine does Elon Musk use? ›

FormerlyGlobal Link Information Network (1995–1996)
FounderElon Musk Kimbal Musk Greg Kouri
DefunctMarch 31, 1999
FatePurchased by Compaq Computer in 1999
HeadquartersPalo Alto, California, California , U.S.
6 more rows

Which is the No 1 search engine in world? ›

1. Google. With over 80% of the search market share, Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine. Additionally, Google captures almost 95% of mobile traffic.

What is the world's most private search engine? ›

The best private search engines
  • DuckDuckGo.
  • StartPage.
  • Qwant.
  • Searx.
  • SearchEncrypt.
  • Gibiru.
  • Yippy.
  • Ecosia.
Jan 5, 2023

What is the #2 search engine in the world? ›

Engines like DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Baidu, and Yandex may rank lower down, but they made our top internet search engines list for important reasons.
What Are the Top Search Engines Today?
RankingSearch EngineShare of visits (% US market through Semrush .Trends)
6 more rows
Oct 7, 2021

Is there a better search engine than Google? ›

#1 – DuckDuckGO

DuckDuckGo is the perfect choice if privacy is your top browsing concern. Like Google, DuckDuckGo offers their own mobile & desktop browsers. By default, this browser doesn't collect or store any personal information at all.

Which search engine is faster than Google? ›

1. Bing. Bing is a search engine by Microsoft and is second in terms of market share after Google. It was launched in 2009, and its origin traces back to earlier search engines offered by Microsoft, such as MSN Search and Live Search.

What is the most used search engine tool? ›

Google. With over 80% of the search market share, Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine.

Can you check SEO score? ›

To check your website's SEO score, run a technical SEO audit to analyze your overall SEO health. Semrush has a dedicated tool called Site Audit that can help you with that.


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