60+ McCree quotes for all Overwatch fans - Cucation (2023)


Jesse McCree is a fictional character playable in the Overwatch video games.

McCree is an American cowboy who used to be a gang member. McCree has some incredibly inappropriate and charming quotes in the Reload series that sound even better with his drawl Southern cowboy.

We have compiled a list of McCree's best quotes and lines in this article. If you want to read more Overwatch character quotes, check out our companion quotes and Torbjorn quotes collection.


McCree's best beaches

Here are the best JESSE MCCREE quotes from Overwatch.

1. "I have something to do."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

2. “MCCREE Reports.”

- McCree, Piel de Blackwatch, 'Overseer'.

3. "Huh Ho, excuse me."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

4. "Do you think any of those faucets are still working? I am extremely thirsty.

– Mapa de McCree, Eichenwalde, „Overwatch“.

5. "Like soft targets."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

6. "Yeah, I didn't drink the coffee, it always tasted like cooked earth."

– McCree, map of Rota 66, “Overwatch”.

7. "You know what time it is."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

8. "Pull! (when he shot)"

– McCree, “vigilante.”

9. "Back in the saddle."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

10. "Someone calls the company."

– McCree, “supervision”.

11. "Well, it's high, somewhere in the world."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

12. "Like fish shot in a barrel."

– McCree, “supervision”.

13. "Thanks, put it in my file."

(Video) "Junkertown: The Plan" | Overwatch

– McCree, “supervision”.

14. "Yeah... spank her! Take me! Uh uh uh uh and the cowboy too. Yes".

– McCree, Mapa de Busan, „Overwatch“.

15. "I thought I saw a ghost"

– McCree, Final Blow vs. Soldier 76, „Outwatch“.

16. "Back in the mix."

– McCree, “supervision”.

17. "Oh, isn't it flattering to be remembered. (refers to dartboards with their ID photo)”

– McCree, map of Rota 66, “Overwatch”.

18. "It's high at noon. (Self and hostile)"

– McCree, “supervision”.

19. "He had the strangest dream about this place. There was a witch and a monster and... crazy, right?

– Mapa de McCree, Eichenwalde, „Overwatch“.

20. "This life is never random."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

21. "Someone had to do it, looks like the attacks were made by me."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

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22. "It may be the slope. Could be, I don't care."

– Skin McCree, player or ship, 'Overwatch'.

23. "I don't like shooting a woman. But I'll make an exception for you.

– McCree, Final Blow vs. Soldier 76, „Outwatch“.

24. "Step up."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

25. "I don't feel welcome here."

– McCree, map of Rota 66, “Overwatch”.

26. "It's not time to give up yet."

– Skin McCree, player or ship, 'Overwatch'.

27. "It looks absolutely festive in these places."

– Evento McCree, Winterwunderland, „Overwatch“.

28. "I feel like I'm possessed."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

29. "Justice will not be enough."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

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McCree voice lines

Here are the available voice lines for MCCREE. Some of these voice lines are exclusive to events. Take a look at these latest McCree quotes.

30. "I tried to be reasonable, I didn't accept it."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

31. "I have a bullet with your name on it."

– McCree, “supervision”.

32. "I am the swift, you are the dead."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

33. "I don't like losing."

- McCree Event, Summer Games 2016, "Overwatch".

34. "This needs to be celebrated."

– MCCREE-Event, Lunar New Year 2017, „Overwatch“.

35. "I'm not good, not bad, but certainly not ugly."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

36. "I hear you, pumpkin."

– Evento McCree, Halloween-Terror 2017, „Overwatch“.

37. "Reach for heaven."

– McCree, “supervision”.

38. "Wanted: dead or alive."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

39. "I think we'll do it the old-fashioned way."

– Evento McCree, Arquivos Overwatch 2017, „Overwatch“.

40. "You look familiar. Didn't I kill you first?

– McCree, “supervision”.

41. "You're snowing."

– Evento McCree, Winterwunderland 2017, „Overwatch“.

42. "It happens to the best of us."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

43. "Somebody had to break the ice."

– Evento McCree, Winterwunderland 2016, „Overwatch“.

44. "Watch and learn."

– McCree, “vigilante.”

McCree character interactions

Here are McCree's best quotes about his interactions with other characters. A MCCREE line or two in this list will make you laugh.

45. "Blackwatch Pilot: Put a company on the road. I'll try to help you, but it may take a while.

Rice: No problem. We're used to waiting.

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McCree: And he shot."

– Overwatch-Bounty-Event „Overwatch“.

46. ​​​​​​“McCree: So what do we do now, boss?

Reyes: We leave this room and go straight through the city to the extraction point. After that we sit and wait for someone to come and pick us up.

McCree: Quite a plan B. I don't know why he was so concerned. ”

– Overwatch-Bounty-Event „Overwatch“.

47. "Pharah: McCree, where did you learn to shoot like that?" Was it Jack, Gabriel?

McCree: It's always been a good movie, but I have some advice from the best. That would be your mother. ”

- "At sight".

48. "Moira: Our brave cowgirl. The years haven't changed much, have they, Jesse?

McCree: It certainly hasn't changed my feelings about working with you. ”

- "At sight".

49. "Mercy: You know, smoking is bad for your health.

McCree: Well, I think you can get patches again, DOC. ”

- "At sight".

50. "McCree: Did you think about what would happen before you pulled the trigger?"

Reyes: I've made a decision. I will bear the consequences.

MCCREE: Oh, how do you kill all four of us?

Reyes: That's not going to happen. ”

– Overwatch-Bounty-Event „Overwatch“.

51. "McCree: d.va just tell me one thing: where did you learn to shoot like that?"

D.va - 16-Bit-Held! ”

- "At sight".

52. "McCree: You know, this sake isn't that bad, but I prefer something to go with my drink.

Hanzo: How predictable! An unadulterated taste.

- "At sight".

53. "McCree: Genji, how did you get used to it...you know...it was really hard for me and it was just one arm?"

Genji: It's been a long and difficult road, but now I'm comfortable in my own body. ”

- "At sight".

54. "McCree: Trust me, I want to wear the armor and all, but after the old man, it's just a problem.

Brigitte: I don't see it that way... it's an honor for me. ”

- "At sight".

55. "Reyes: We have to get out of here before the whole base is over us.

(Video) Jake On How to Fix Overwatch | Group Up! Ep. 3

McCree: Almost like someone woke me up... why did you kill Antonio? Does it make you angry? What is required?

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Reyes: I thought I was untouchable. I was wrong ".

– Overwatch-Bounty-Event „Overwatch“.

56. "Genji: (on Route 66) Why did you come back to this place, MCCREE?

McCree: It's just... an unfinished business and an unfortunate story."

- "At sight".

57. "Doomfist: You know McCree, the winning side will pay much better, maybe put on real clothes?

McCree: My clothes? Have you seen some of the stuff Talon has? ”

- "At sight".

58. "Reyes: What's left of our trip?" We can't wait forever!

McCree: Something tells me that the converging army of evil "doesn't help in our position.

Moira: McCree's instincts are impeccable, as always. ”

– Overwatch-Bounty-Event „Overwatch“.

59. "McCree: I bet you're a big fan of those old cowboy movies, right?

Soldier 76: That's what I thought until I met you. ”

- "At sight".

60. "Mei: Hey McCree, do you know what time it is?

McCree: Well, I'd say it's... Now I see what you're doing! ”

- "At sight".

61. "Genji: Why are you so concerned about murder, McCree? It's not the first time we've had to kill.

McCree: That was an execution. ”

– Overwatch-Bounty-Event „Overwatch“.

62. "Ashe: Brave of you to show your face here, Jesse.

McCree: Well I know how much you missed me. I still have a picture of myself in hiding, listen.

Ashe: At the dartboard.

McCree: I bet you watch it every day. Flattery, really."

- "At sight".

63. “McCree: I wasn't given these guns to throw away like trash.

Reaper: I don't take computer classes. ”

- "At sight".

64. "Genji: Patience is not my forte.

Moira: I suspect we'll find something to occupy your time with.

McCree: If you want something done right...well, we're in no hurry. ”

(Video) A Major Bug Is BREAKING Wii U Consoles!? (GARAGECAST #1)

– Overwatch-Bounty-Event „Overwatch“.

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