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Love is the most beautiful word and emotion and we love sharing it with our friends and social followers. And as family or friends, it is our responsibility to convey our affection through comments.

if you are looking for thisBEST comments for couples photos, posts and DPs, then you are exactly here. Here we share the lists of compliments to share on couple photos; This is a great way to enjoy the couple's photos on Facebook or Instagram.

Because we know how important genuine compliments are to couples, we've created a variety of comment lists for you to choose from.

however, sinceCompliments should sound genuine and personal., don't share comments just because you want to. The best compliments are the ones you remember forever and feel good about afterwards.

Make them feel special and appreciated, so make sure your couples comments are only added to their posts.

Couples Comment Lists: To leave FB and DP photos on your social media

Comments for cute couples on Facebook

228 Comments for Couple [FULL LIST] » Trends (1)

Whether you're complimenting your school friend on your wedding posts or sharing a comment with your virtual friend, using the right words is key. If that person is really special and has a good connection with you, then they deserve sincere appreciation.

wedding mail orcouple random selfies, the next “couple compliment” is something they look for in you as their precious connection. Check the post title first and share lovely couples comments.

  1. Great! You two look great together.
  2. That's what they call a "perfect" match.
  3. It seems like the two of you were made for each other.
  4. What a game!
  5. Nice to see you both.
  6. beautiful couple
  7. Glad to see the two together.
  8. All the best to you both.
  9. It's good to know that you've found your perfect match.
  10. I'm so happy for you two.
  11. Meinall time favorite couple.
  12. A glass of wine just for the two of you.
  13. My wishes for a new trip.
  14. Your love inspires me even more.
  15. lovely couple
  16. Both look better for each other.
  17. Even if I'm not a poet, I'll write a poem for both of us.
  18. You two look so good together.
  19. TRUE LOVE is the first thing that comes to mind when I see your picture.
  20. You two seem so perfect for each other.

Comments for newlyweds on Instagram

228 Comments for Couple [FULL LIST] » Trends (2)

The following compliments are especially for new couples. If you're going to a college friend's wedding and want toExpress your special wedding wisheswith the best compliments, then this is for you.

Also you can share them.Comments on your wedding photo on Facebook and Instagramone. But choose the right one from the best DP couple comments that will notify them... How cute they look together!

  1. Wishes for a new chapter in life.
  2. One of the best couples in history.
  3. Perfect combination.
  4. It's so nice to see the two of them together.
  5. they look so good together
  6. There are a lot of couple pictures out there, but yours is perfect.
  7. Thank you for defining the meaning of true love.
  8. What a big smile! Always be happy.
  9. Your love is an inspiration to others.
  10. God bless you two beautiful souls always.
  11. Sending lots of love and wishes to you both.
  12. It's great to finally see you two married.
  13. What a beautiful couple, thank you for sharing this post.
  14. looks like you areMade for each other.
  15. It looks like Romeo and Juliet ended up getting married.
  16. What an impressive image! You saved my day.
  17. I really admire your love and respect for each other.
  18. Their couple photos are restoring belief in true love for many.
  19. Both are destined to share their amazing life together.
  20. Congratulations to the two wonderful people!

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facebook cComments for couple photos.

228 Comments for Couple [FULL LIST] » Trends (3)

If you want to share some nice and meaningful comments on couple photos on Facebook and Instagram, then the following list of comments is for you. If you couldn't make it to her wedding and are now seeing hersPhotos on FB and Instagram, so the following comments are the ones you can leave on your posts.

These lists of comments likeComments for photos of girls on InstagramThey are the best to leave your posts related to weddings, travel, DPs, even couple selfies.

Express your sincere feeling and respect.for your beautiful connection. Share some good comments that justify the sentiments contained therein.

  1. Your match is made in heaven.
  2. So happy to see them together.
  3. Yes, that's called true love.
  4. You two were made for each other.
  5. Thanks for making my day. Your photos are great.
  6. Hello you two... We are getting married soon. OK?
  7. Thanks for the reminder, I need a partner too.
  8. i feel so happy for you
  9. We can feel the romance just by looking at your photo.
  10. Now I'm convinced that true love exists somewhere.
  11. You two describe... what true love is like.
  12. The cutest couple of the year.
  13. Both complement each other well.
  14. Love so deep, thank you for this feeling.
  15. Your photos will make someone feel lonely.
  16. my favorite couple Blessings to you both.
  17. It's great to see them in love together.
  18. This image will inspire hundreds. But thousands will be jealous.
  19. Keep shining with your love.
  20. Leave them alone, friends, they're in love.

The best comments for couple photos.

228 Comments for Couple [FULL LIST] » Trends (4)

Your best friend who just got married already has so many comments on her FB and IG posts that you just might go with "Gracias🇧🇷 But you're not your general audience, make sure you have some specific words for them.

So, here is the list of the best couples reviews to enjoy your CUTE dates.

Please leave some great compliments and comments they might have on their photos. Check what the caption says and leave something creative and special words for them. As emojis alone are not enough, your words always count. And special comments from someone special like you mean a lot to them.

  1. Many blessings to you both.
  2. Alternative tag for this photo... True love, beautiful couple photo, Romeo and Juliet.
  3. They look great together as always.
  4. Thank you for reminding us that... true love exists.
  5. My best wishes for the new path in life.
  6. How can they look so perfect together? It's not possible.
  7. What a beautiful couple.
  8. Please stop posting pictures of your partner to make us jealous.
  9. Who said,True love, can only be found in the movies.
  10. Good to see you two together.
  11. Oh!!! who look each other in the eyes.
  12. I'm confused. Am I more jealous or happier for you?
  13. I can borrow your photo. I have to convince someone, "I found true love."
  14. What a beautiful feeling there is.
  15. You only need one person to look at you like that...
  16. Very romantic. Blessings to this couple.
  17. You are my favorite boy, wishes for you.
  18. Today the photos of the perfect couple are summarized, keep updating yours.
  19. You two have no idea how amazing we think you are.
  20. It's okay, they're screaming... "Love is in the air."

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Couple photo comments on Instagram

228 Comments for Couple [FULL LIST] » Trends (5)

Besides being the biggest image sharing platform, Instagram is all about sharing beautiful experiences and moments in life.

From the best travel memories to couple selfies, Instagram is the number one place couples want to post their photos first. And most importantly, when your BFFs share the couple's photo, only two-word comments like "beautiful photo' or cute emojis aren't enough, your comment should be interesting and unique, appropriate for your connection.

In the next section, we'll share some of them.special comments for couplesImages on Instagram to leave in your best friends' publications.

  1. All thanks to you, my trust in the relationship has been restored.
  2. Just look at those smiles. how bright is it
  3. Thanks for your post. It made my day.
  4. Both are great as always.
  5. One of the best couple profiles to follow on Instagram.
  6. Both are amazing. Keep rocking.
  7. I await its publication, it is very clear.
  8. She looks so good in that dress. But you are the perfect couple.
  9. I am so glad you are with your life partner now.
  10. I am not a writer but I would like to write a novel about your love story.
  11. You look so pretty, really pretty.
  12. Just romantic vibes.
  13. This image is enough to know that true love triumphs in the end.
  14. Thank you for making me believe that true love still exists.
  15. Good news, you two are engaged now. My best wishes.
  16. Big round of applause for the best couple on Instagram.
  17. Hey you two...you two look fabulous together. Enjoy.
  18. How can someone look so amazing together!! This cannot be true.
  19. I just want to say that you two are precious.
  20. Wow, that is a very impressive image.
  21. Bright stars of my life.
  22. Two gems are beautifully connected by a string.
  23. Seeing your content is always refreshing. She is beautiful as always.
  24. I always wish the best for you both. You are one of my favorite couples on Instagram.

Good comments for couple photos.

228 Comments for Couple [FULL LIST] » Trends (6)

Are you looking for more interesting and funny couple photo comments? Then the next section is for you. Share some thoughtful, heartwarming, valuable feedback that will suffice.make a couple laugh and surprise themat the same time. Don't sound traditional with your routine comments.

look for somefun and creative things to sharewith your comments. If you are looking, you can use the comments given for couple photos. Or you can also get inspiration from the list. However, make sure your comment looks real so they respond to your comment among hundreds of other comments.

  1. love overloaded.
  2. You can call it a perfect match.
  3. stay strong. Stay blessed.
  4. I just found true love here. Great personal post.
  5. I saw the competing couple. But they complement each other.
  6. Do you know?? The two are even more beautiful when they are together.
  7. It's good to know you two are engaged now. Congratulations.
  8. What? Are you married. What a pleasant surprise!!
  9. All the best for the next chapter in life. Blessing.
  10. May the two of you achieve any goals in life together.
  11. I really wish you twohappy and prosperous lifeforward.
  12. Both never cease to amaze us. Thank you very much.
  13. 21st century Romeo and Juliet. This is a fact.
  14. Look at that blush! It's good to see you two happy together.
  15. Hey I need some relationship advice from you. You listen?
  16. I want to write a poem for the two of us. But I'm not a poet.
  17. You have no idea, but their relationship is an inspiration to many.
  18. One of the most beautiful couples I've ever seen.
  19. May the two of you create many good memories in life.
  20. How can someone look so perfect together? However, we are jealous.
  21. I have no words to share comments here. This couple is more than anything else.
  22. I love the chemistry you have, what a power couple you are.
  23. Together, you two are just a power couple. Wow, I'm in love.
  24. Every image you share makes me fall in love more and more.
  25. I've never seen such a perfect couple anywhere. You two are great.

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Short words for cute couples

228 Comments for Couple [FULL LIST] » Trends (7)

Are you looking for short compliments for couples? Then the following list is for you. share theThe best synonyms for "beautiful couple"really appreciate your image on social media. Feel free to leave thoseComments on couples photos., as this is the best way to express your feelings and appreciation for her.

  1. The best pair.
  2. What a beautiful couple!!
  3. beautiful lovers
  4. sweet newlyweds
  5. The perfect complement.
  6. beautiful wives
  7. Exceptional game.
  8. Well together.
  9. It looks so adorable.
  10. beautiful couple
  11. Beautiful lovers.
  12. but beautiful together
  13. Strong connection.
  14. Winning team.
  15. that couple
  16. Look great.
  17. Wonderful game.
  18. Beautiful wife/husband.
  19. smart game
  20. Happy couple.
  21. A match made in heaven

cute couple comments

228 Comments for Couple [FULL LIST] » Trends (8)

Come on!! They look so beautiful together. Don't just share your likes and reactions. You deserve something special, something that feels like a thank you.

if you have time to sharesignificant commentsIn your photo.Don't know what to write? Don't worry...we have some great and beautiful compliments on the couple's photo.

  1. Both look so beautiful. be amazed.
  2. Okay, we accept that you are a perfect match. So stop bragging.
  3. It looks like a prince and a princess.
  4. Wow, what a beautiful couple.
  5. Keep smiling, you two look so amazing together.
  6. All the best for the new phase of life.
  7. I really appreciate you two for your fight.
  8. I hope you two make all your dreams come true together.
  9. I knew there had to be a perfect match and I found the right one.
  10. Cuteness overloaded.
  11. Tons of blessings to this best couple.
  12. All you need in life is a partner like that.
  13. Thank God there is another strong and beautiful couple.
  14. I'm sure your photo will inspire many to fall in love all over again.
  15. How can this happen? How do you two look so perfect together?
  16. I hate them both, their pictures remind me how lonely I am.
  17. Stay strong, let's keep growing together.
  18. What a beautiful picture of you two.
  19. Just because of you two I'm restarting my journey to find the love of my life.
  20. Hard to find such a beautiful couple.
  21. It's always good to see you two. You are such a beautiful and happy couple.
  22. I am very impressed with your journey to find yourself. What a great story!
  23. The next time someone argues that "true love never exists", I'll share a link to their page.
  24. A match made in heaven
  25. You two were made for each other. I pray your love lasts forever.

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comments for couples

228 Comments for Couple [FULL LIST] » Trends (9)

If you're looking for the best comments for your married friends, then our list below is for you. This list of reviews for couplesmakes them feel proud and confidentfinally.

These comments are worth sharing if they are your best friend and you have a strong connection with them. let's see what some aregreat commentsto go to happy couples posts.

  1. Keep rocking and collect great memories.
  2. Beautiful photo. Love is in the air.
  3. Send best wishes on your wedding day.
  4. You are my favorite couple on Instagram.
  5. You always surprised us.
  6. It seems to be the beginning of a happy and successful life.
  7. Stay blessed, stay strong.
  8. That love... just a dream for many out there.
  9. Wow, the two of them look amazing in every photo.
  10. The cutest couple on Instagram that I know.
  11. I'm sure people will come to you for relationship advice.
  12. It still amazes me how the two of you can look so perfect together.
  13. God bless your happy married life.
  14. I announce you two as the official winners of the cutest couple contest.
  15. It's great to witness a successful married life like yours.
  16. Look at each other, you two get brighter every day.
  17. Keep sharing these great photos however they are inspiring.
  18. Faith in a happily married life has now been restored.
  19. Both grew up during the tough times. Your trip is an example of this.
  20. I don't have enough words to describe how amazing you two are.
  21. I love you both, I hope you are having a lot of fun together. My best wishes.
  22. My best wishes to you both, the most beautiful couple, may you live your life with great success and good luck.
  23. God, once you've written your love story: that's a masterpiece!
  24. Every time I see the two I start to believe that love exists.
  25. Their love story is a huge inspiration for most of us.
  26. You have the best of both worlds.
  27. Raise the bar for all couples.

Funny comments on couple photos.

Of course, they look amazing together and you remember sharing an admiring comment about the couple's selfie. But wait, check out these funny comments that you can also leave on the couple's photo or selfie.

Especially if they are your friends and you have somespecial connectionwith them, howfunny commentsIt's worth lingering over his photo that depicts his crazy side.

228 Comments for Couple [FULL LIST] » Trends (10)

  1. Get ready, here comes another partner in crime status.
  2. The two are awkward but still look cute together, that's weird.
  3. Okay, you're not going to tell us that. Well done!
  4. Still confused, how do you guys get together?
  5. I knew him long before he existed. Congratulations to both of you, by the way.
  6. So the two decided to teach each other a lesson that way. That's great.
  7. Both get married. And here I can't even decide what to do with my life.
  8. I'm sure even you two haven't figured out what brings you here.
  9. First he stole her heart and then her last name. Watch out brother!
  10. So this is the person you fought me for. Nice.
  11. Nothing exciting for me, just an odd couple smiling for no reason.
  12. Guess you don't need a teddy bear anymore. can I have?
  13. Sounds like you two are ready to bug each other for life, right?
  14. How can you stay in a relationship? All I heard about the two of you was that you were just in a long distance relationship and nothing more.
  15. I might sound jealous, but I'm actually surprised to see them together.
  16. May God bless you both with the strength and patience to put up with each other for a lifetime.
  17. So now you can say it's officially yours. Well done!
  18. A love story ended. Here comes a real tragedy. All the best, you two!
  19. I hope some of you know how to cook. By the way, happy married life.
  20. From fighting over fries to conquering the world together, you've done it.
  21. Make room for the new couple in the house.
  22. From fantasy to reality, you've proven that love is real.
  23. The perfect example of what pure love looks like.
  24. I'm sure their relationship is an inspiration to many.
  25. Enjoy the life. Both make each other's world better.
  26. You two are a power couple. Such a perfect duo.

final thoughts

Whether you're congratulating couples face-to-face or commenting on their photos on social media, your compliments and comments need to be unique.

If you connect with them and share a great bond, you can get creative with your compliments too. Of course, share your best couples comments that make them feel special.

Cute couples earn a lotcongratulations for the picturesover and over with the same words. But if you want to enjoy them, your comment must also be the best.

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